What Style Sofa Would Suit Your Home?

If there is one piece of furniture that you should really consider before buying, it’s the sofa. As a key part of most people’s living rooms, they’re used for hours each and every day.

When it’s time to replace your sofa, you should do your research into the many different styles to find out which will be best for your home. The following guide should give you a few ideas:


The Chesterfield

The design: Chesterfield sofas boast a tufted, quilted design across its surface. Authentic pieces from specialists like The Original Sofa Co. are upholstered using leather and traditional crafting methods.

Best for: Those looking for a sofa that will last.
The reason why: Thanks to the sofa’s quilted design, it will stand the test of time no matter how much trends change.

The Club

The design: Also known as the English sofa, this style comes complete with snug plush seat cushions and a comfy rolled back. The arms are compact in design and gently rounded.

Best for: Those who like to kick back and relax.
The reason why: After a long day at work, there’s no better way to relax and unwind than resting on the club sofa’s plush cushions.

The Sectional

The design: Usually available with three or five pieces, the sectional sofa is all about choice. Do you opt for an expansive L-shape or sociable U-shape configuration?

Best for: Those who are regular hosts.
The reason why: Fixtures are often supplied with a sectional sofa to keep a chosen shape in place. However, these can usually be taken apart and reassembled easily, meaning you can go from a cosy set up for two to the ideal seating for parties.

The Mid-century Modern

The design: Mid-century modern sofas demonstrate that sometimes going simple is best. The furniture is made up of a linear back, arms and legs in square shapes and snug, deep seat cushions.

Best for: Those who love minimal designs.
The reason why: The mid-century modern sofa, with its straight lines and monochrome detailing, is perfect for creating a homely feel in more modern homes.

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