Things You Need to Know in Designing a High Gloss Kitchen

If you’ve been planning on changing the look of your kitchen but don’t know which style to choose since you have a small space, then you can benefit greatly from high gloss kitchen cabinets and surfaces. These glossy surfaces create a contemporary and cool feel and look to any kitchen.

Below are things you need to know when designing a glossy kitchen.

The bright and the bold

If you want to keep a more traditional feel, match a high gloss finish with wood. Meanwhile, if you want to go all out modern, a glossy finish from the ceiling to the floor will complete this, giving you a smart-looking and contemporary kitchen.

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There’s always the option of going bold and loud with colours for your kitchen cabinets. A bright colour scheme, such as red, yellow or purple, would make sure the heart of your room is one space to remember. Mix that with plain walls. Inject characters to your space with tile patterns.

Sufficient light works wonders

For small spaces, good lighting can make or break the overall design. Good lighting combined with the reflective surface of a high gloss kitchen finish can affect the feel and look of your finished kitchen.

When designing your kitchen, you might not have the luxury of a good amount of sunlight pouring through your windows. Instead, you can opt for integrated LED.

If you have a glossy worktop for your kitchen island, opt for low-hanging ceiling lights. The lights will reflect well on the island’s glossy surface, providing some sparkle for your kitchen. At night, choose floor-level soft lighting for a warm atmosphere for your kitchen.

The sublet shine

One of the common misconceptions about a glossy surface is that it steals the show in the kitchen. However, that’s not entirely the case.

If you pick colours in the neutral shade such as cream, pale blue or light grey for the glossy surface, then these can be a fantastic way to brighten up the space without being too overwhelming.

High gloss kitchens finish can be a great addition to any home. They instantly update the interior décor thanks to its contemporary appearance. Now, you can easily brighten up your kitchen with the simple addition of a glossy finish.


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