3 Most Beautiful Traditional Decor Tips for Luxury Homes

Many of us aspire to have a beautifully decorated home with a traditional feel, often particularly if we live in a modern home. But it can seem baffling how to achieve this look without any of the period features we so often associate with a more traditional decorative style. Don’t despair though, it’s certainly achievable, and will just a few simple tips and tricks you’ll have a traditional decorative feel in no time.

Light, Light, Light

When we think of old homes, we often imagine dark and dusty rooms full of books and dark-stained wood paneling – but in a modern home this is both difficult to create, and frankly undesirable! Why would you take a beautiful clean and airy room and turn it into something out of a gothic mansion? Instead know that when decorating a modern home in a traditional style, light is absolutely vital – it’s the choices you make when it comes to lighting that can transform the feel of a room.

Sash windows are a wonderful choice that strikes the perfect balance between tradition and bringing in light. In a room without windows chandeliers are a great choice, but are famously tricky for people to figure out in terms of size because they’re hanging in the middle of the room with no points of reference. A great rule of thumb is to take the width of the room in feet, double the number, convert it to inches, and that is the minimum dimension for your chandelier’s diameter. While it can be fun to have an oversized chandelier, you should avoid overpowering a small room with a massive fixture. You should also make sure that a chandelier never hangs too low over a dining room table – keep in mind that you want to look at your dinner companions, not just stare at the lights!

Choose Timeless Pieces

When decorating your home in a traditional style, it’s best to ignore the trends in design that happen to be circling at the time and choose timeless pieces that will look beautiful for years to come. Start out a room with one specific piece that’s going to be the focal point – so for example the sofa in the living room, the dining table in the dining room, and the bed in the bedroom. Invest in these key pieces, and choose neutral colours in beautiful, high-quality fabrics such as linen. Once you’ve chosen these pieces, don’t be afraid to add punches of colour and pattern with accessories such as pillows, bed sheets, or other objets d’art

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