Ultimate Guide On How to Cut Cultured Marble Countertop

Do you love beautiful cultured marble countertops? If you are going to have beautiful countertops and sinks, then you need to keep in mind using cultured marble. For someone who is new into using the product, it is often challenging to get it right for the first time. If you do it wrong, you might just end up with scratches and one ugly countertop. So, how do you cut cultured marble?

We get to check out some of the steps involved when it comes to how to cut cultured marble. In the end, you should be comfortable with the idea of getting yourself the right size of cultured marble.

What you’ll need

  • Sanding block
  • Measuring tape
  • Vice grips
  • Straightedge
  • Pencil
  • An old blanket
  • Clamps
  • Rotary saw
  • Masonry saw blade
  • Sandpaper


1. Protect the finish of the countertop

With your countertop made of cultured marble, you have to think of ways to keep it from easily scratching. Whenever you are cutting it, there is a chance that you might end up scratching it. It is therefore recommended that you protect the surface at all times.

One easy way to do that would be using an old blanket as a surface where you rest on the top surface while cutting the countertop. This means that the top surface would be facing downwards on the soft material. You can use any other soft material other than an old blanket.

2. Time to measure the countertop before cutting

You need to have the right measurements before cutting the product. Take the time to measure where it has to be installed and transfer those measurements to the countertop. By using a measuring tape and a pencil, you can now make your marks on the countertops.

The markings are to be made on the unfinished part rather than the finished side of the countertop. Marking on the finished part will just make unnecessary markings or scratches. Make sure that your lines are straight so that you have an easy time following them with the saw blade.

3. Secure the countertop before cutting

Cutting is often the point where you make it or break it. You would be applying some lateral pressure when it comes to cutting the cultured marble. If you have not secured the countertop well, you might end up just destroying it. Get one wrong cut and you will end up ruining the countertop or simply have to replace it in the end.

The best way to deal with such a situation is to clamp the countertop on a working table. If there are no clamps available, you can always use the vise grips to hold the countertop in position. Test the clamps first to see if they are holding the countertop firmly before you can start cutting.

4. Time to cut the cultured marble countertop

When it comes to cutting the cultured marble countertop, you would be using the rotary saw. It is often recommended for having the best performance and keeps the cuts neat. You need to make sure that the blade you are using for the process is sharp for an easy time.

Start cutting the countertop by pushing the saw into it. Keep it cutting along the marked lines with the pencil. Keep it steady when cutting so that you do not end up chipping the countertop. Once you get to reach the end of the cut, keep the forward sawing movement to a minimum. Applying too much pressure when sawing often causes the chipping. Keep it steady and you should have a great cut.

5. Sand the countertop

Now that you are done with the cutting, it is time to give is a smooth finish important for its looks. For this process, you need to use the fine grade type of sandpaper. You can still use the clamps to hold the countertop in one position as you proceed with the sanding process.

You can still opt for the sanding block to end up with a smooth and level finish. It is still advisable that you do not sand close to the finished counter surface. This might lead to scratching the finish if you are not careful. The power sanders are not recommended for this process as they can easily make the surfaces uneven thus, making it hard to glue the countertop in place.

This video gives you more tips on cutting cultured marble top


As you can see from the processes mentioned above, how to cut cultured marble countertop is quite easy. You have to keep in mind the steps, and you should be good. Well, the next time you want your countertop looking all great, you now have the right methods on how to do it.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial on cutting cultured marble countertop. Share your comments and questions in the comment section below if you have any.

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