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Searching for an Appliance Maintenance Company? Here’s how

appliance maintenance company
Written by Shiyamala

Each time one of our main appliances stops working properly or just stops working at all, we panic a little bit. Then, we need to search for a technician near our area to help us with our problem.

But what a surprise we end up finding out as we turn to the internet and we get incredibly confused when either too many service companies pop up, or the closest company is miles away from our home.

So, what to do, we question ourselves? Which appliance maintenance company should I hire? What are the best options and the best price rates available? In some cases, you might not know where to start, because it might be the first time an appliance breaks down and you have no idea how a company of this nature works.

What Do I Need?

This question might have an obvious response. But really, take time to think about it and gather information about what it is that you really need. The more specific you get the better.

The reason why this is vital, is because not every service have is as purposeful as the other and not all the services are included in all the companies.

For example, let’s suppose your washing machine stops working. It is possible that due to the nature of this problem, your washing machine might have to be replaced by a brand new one.

But maybe not. Maybe after a proper diagnosis, the technician might consider the broken parts replaceable. Therefore, a replacing service would definitely be the way to go. As you can see a replacement service and a repairing service are like different strokes for different folks. So be sure to know what you really need to do.

Checking for Warranty

This has to do with two factors; the age of the appliance and the nature of the problem. It will help you see whether your issue can be covered by the warranty or whether you’ve been left on your own by the manufacturing company. Either way, a proper diagnosis is key.

If your product is under warranty, a proper diagnosis by the company’s technician as well as the replacement of the damaged part is possible. If your product is out of warranty you still have the choice of hiring an external technician in order to get the proper diagnosis.

If the damaged part or parts are extremely complicated to repair and most of all, the repairing exceeds half the total price of the product, then it is time to leave the sinking boat. Buying a brand-new product will be the best way to go.

Hiring the Service

When looking for an appliance maintenance and repairing service company there are a few things you need to consider.

It is all about reputation: The internet can be your best ally in this case. When you want to know more about an appliance repair and maintenance company, Google it. Look for reviews and referrals as well and whether the company is known. If it is not famous for the bad, you have found yourself a reliable choice to consider.

Look for credentials: Qualified technicians should be licensed when necessary and should have proven experience on what they do. You can even ask the company for the technician’s direct phone number and talk to him to ask things about the problem as well as an estimate of how much it should cost to fix it.

Don’t forget about the price tag: Comparing, contrasting and looking for hidden quotes on companies is the best you can do. You want to look for something of good quality that is affordable. So even though this is a tedious task, it will save you a lot of trouble and suffering in the future.

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Local Vs. Big Corp

You might be wondering if going to a big corporation appliance repair and maintenance agency would be better than going to a local business. The truth is that going big is not always better. In many ways, a local agency is better, as they tend to have a more personalized service, as well as more customized client treatment.

Nevertheless, going to a big corporation might be recommended if the warranty of the product is still active or the brand is really exclusive and only the big agencies have the required service for the appliance.

Also, big corporations might end up charging more expensive fees than a local agency due to the fact that they need to spend more money on publicity.

They also manage more complex services because of more people being involved in the process, which means that in big corporations your problem might take more time to be addressed than when you go to a local agency.

How Much It Costs?

Finally, when it comes to the price it is very important to be aware of the hidden fees or quotes you might be charged with. This also includes maintenance.

The price varies from device to device and brand to brand. Here we display the most common appliances in need of reparation. We also disclose the prices a repair and maintenance company might end up charging you, so you know what to expect.

According to the site Angies List, here are price guidelines of the 3 most common appliances

Refrigerator: Has a lifespan of 6 to 15 years, and the annual cost of maintenance goes from $120 to $140 USD. The most common parts to get fixed are the ice maker which costs between $275 to $325 USD, the main control, being priced at $260 USD or more, and the drain line which doesn’t cost less than $109 USD to unclog.

Range/Oven: Has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. The annual maintenance cost is null as long as you keep it clean. The most requested fixes are the igniter, valued between $110 to $200 USD, the control board which price starts from $260 USD, and the bake element costing $160 USD or more to repair.

Washer: Has an 8 to 12-year lifespan. The annual maintenance cost can range from $85 to $100 USD, however, that can be avoided as long as hoses are checked frequently. The most common parts in need of a fix are the rubber door gasket, the lid switch, and the water inlet valve with fix prices of $200 -$300 USD, $140 USD, and $160 USD each.

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