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How to Avoid These 15 Most Popular Office Furniture Table Mistakes

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Written by Shiyamala

People working in offices spend a good part of their day behind the desk, so it’s important to find one that provides them with comfort and style. There are several mistakes you should avoid when buying tables for your office to help ensure the furniture lasts and is ergonomically efficient.

Here is a list of 10 most popular office furniture table mistakes

1. Buying something too small or too big

Make sure desks are large enough to fit the computer, the papers and other office equipment on them. It’s recommended that you allow 4–6 inches between your legs and under-desk space to rest your feet, but it also depends on how tall you are.

2. Buying cheap tables

Cheap furniture usually doesn’t fit well which will lead to an uncomfortable experience for the user. Also, if made of low quality materials they could break more easily or cause injury when used incorrectly.

3. Not taking measurements properly before buying

Before you head down to the store make sure you measure each room accurately so you can buy everything with ease. Otherwise there is a big chance that desks won’t fit through doors or elevators or chairs won’t fit into cubicles .

4. Buying tables with poor workmanship

Tables that are not properly made could mean a quick or early break for the furniture. For example, if the table is wobbly or the desk drawer breaks it won’t be of any use .

5. Not checking the warranty

This one shouldn’t need to be said twice but keep in mind that you always should check out what is covered by a warranty and what isn’t before buying a desk.

6. Not considering storage options: 

Having enough storage space at your desk promotes organization which will lead to an efficient workday. Make sure you take all costs of filing cabinets and shelves into consideration before buying so there aren’t any hidden fees later on.

7. Getting overwhelmed by design options

There are a lot of different desks to choose from, but the design should depend on what is practical for you. It could be a go with a contemporary look if it will fit your work style or perhaps something more traditional.

8. Compromising on ergonomics

Ergonomic tables can cost a little more up front, but the investment will pay off in terms of health benefits and reduced sick days. Make sure that chairs provide enough support for your back and that desks have proper wrist rests and armrests .

9. Not consulting others before buying

If you want to know how much space is necessary or what kind of desk would work well for your team, talk to those who use them every day. You will get a better idea of what your team really needs.

10. Buying a desk that doesn’t suit the style of your office

Make sure to take into consideration how well a certain design or color will fit with the look and feel of the rest of the office before making a final decision .

11. Not considering personal taste

Tables are just one part of an office’s decor, but you shouldn’t forget that they also should fit the style. If it doesn’t look good in your office or not to your liking then it won’t give off a professional vibe .

12. Not using the right tools

When moving around office furniture you should avoid using just any tool, but something that is specifically designed for that purpose. Otherwise it could lead to accidents or damages .

13. Buying items separately

Instead of buying all your desks and chairs separately you might want to consider purchasing these things together so they match perfectly. Also, if there are multiple colors involved in an order, this is something worth considering since the entire set will probably need to be repainted .

14. Forgetting about warning signs

If filing cabinets come with warning signs like “This side up” then make sure not to flip them on their other side. You also should ask yourself what kind of workplace will suit you best before deciding on the final look.

15. Not taking care of pieces

It is important to make sure that items are taken care of with the proper cleaning products and tools so they don’t get damaged. If you have a storage unit, make sure that it is free of any dirt before loading in items.


These are 10 most popular office furniture table mistakes when buying new desks for corporate offices, but there are still some things you should be aware of if you want to make an informed purchase. Reading this article is a step in the right direction , but there is always more information on our blog at Cool Office Furniture .

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