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What’s Included in a Bathroom End of Tenancy Cleaning Service? 

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Written by Shiyamala

When booking an End of Tenancy Cleaning service it’s important to understand what’s included. Bathrooms get grubby and dirty fairly quickly, after all it’s where we go to get clean. This means all the dirt from us is taken and washed away in the bathroom.

Soap build up and limescale are the most visible in a bathroom. Ensuring that the build up doesn’t get out of control is very important. The more limescale and dirty build up you have, the harder it will be to remove safely without causing any lasting damage. It’s very important to ensure that the correct products are used in the bathroom, more concentrated products can be useful however how they are applied is very important.

Scratching enamel off toilets and bathtubs will leave permanent damage and staining in the future. Although the first thought is to go in with wire scrubbing brush that mixed with shop bought bleach can cause a lot of damage. 

Premium clean knows how to safely clean all the surfaces in your bathroom. We have a wide range of cleaning products that can be used to safely and quickly remove dirt build up. All the products we use are 100 percent eco friendly and are fully safe to be used in homes with children and pets.

None of then have any harsh chemical smells like a lot of shop bought bleaches and limescale removers. We also provide all the needed tools to get into even the smallest of spaces removing 99 percent of germs and dirt. So what’s included, well we will deep clean the toilet in and out. This included removing any staining (where possible) , removing all limescale and cleaning inside the bowl and around the fixings on the toilet seat.

The sink will be disinfected and cleaned leaving no smears, windowsills and shelving will also be dusted and disinfected. All wall tiles will be scrubbed removing all water marks and limescale. Leaving them streak free and shiny. We will remove all limescale from shower heads and taps using specialist chrome cleaner if needed. Shower screens will be disinfected and all watermarks and limescale will be fully removed leaving them streak free and shiny. Interior windows will also be cleaned using the best window cleaner available. 

Finally all flooring tiles will be vacuumed and mopped using our professional floor cleaner. This will remove all germs and leave the floors clean and sparkling. Your bathroom will be sparkling clean and ready to be used by all, we always strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction with every clean.

For more information about plumbing glossary, you can visit some popular site.

Our team always gives 110 percent into their work and have been through all the training needed to ensure they know exactly what to use and how to use it. All equipment is provided by us and the cleaners will remove any rubbish bags from the property and dispose of it correctly once they have finished.

Booking is so easy too from the minute you call, email or message we are ready to provide you with the best customer service from start to finish. You can check out our previous custom reviews on checkatrade to see for yourself just how great we are. 

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