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Cabinet Handles for your Modern Kitchen

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Written by Shiyamala

You might be surprised by the amount of time families spend arguing over the perfect cabinet handles only to decide upon cabinet doors that do not have handles at all!

If most of your new modern kitchen has been put together and only the handles and knobs need to be decided: congratulations!

Your modern kitchen is almost complete!

Modern cabinet handles, if you choose to use design kitchen cabinetry that uses handles at all, can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials.

There are probably more choices out there than you will ever want to sort through. There are two major schools of thought in modern design: compliment and contrast.

Complimentary and modern contemporary kitchen design means to choose things that match completely while the contrast school of thought dictates that opposite shapes be chosen (circular handles on rectangular cabinets, for example).

Deciding which school of thought you want your modern cabinet handles to follow will help narrow down your choices quite a lot.

Here are a few more hints to help you narrow down your choices.


Modern art trends dictate that simple shapes are best when choosing your modern cabinet handles.

Instead of fancy and/or ornate handles, choose handles that are simple shapes. A good idea is to choose the same shape for your modern cabinet handles that you will choose for your kitchen drawers as well.

This will save you time as you design your kitchen cabinetry. It is also a good idea to keep with your chosen theme of compliment or contrast.

Complimentary modern cabinet handles will be the same shape as the shape of the cabinet (though they can be placed in a different orientation).

Contrasting modern cabinet handles will be in a different shape than the cabinet shapes (round modern cabinet handles on rectangular or square cabinets for example)


When decorating your kitchen in a modern style, you will be choosing between complimentary colors or contrasting colors.

If you have chosen complimentary coloring, your modern cabinet handle color decision has already been made: simply choose the same color you have been using.

If you have chosen to opt for a contrasting color scheme, the cabinet handles should match the color you have chosen for your appliances or your kitchen furniture.


This will also be decided by your overall theme of compliment or contrast.

When you design kitchen cabinetry, modern style fans often choose metal cabinets. If you have chosen a complimentary style, the modern cabinet handles should be metal as well.

If you have chosen to design kitchen cabinetry in a contrasting style you will want to use a different material or the handles than you used on the cabinets themselves (wooden handles on metal cabinets or vice versa).

Choosing a major theme when you start to design modern kitchen cabinetry for your home will help make your other style option choices easier.

Before you know it, your modern cabinet handles will have been chosen and put into place

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