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The 6 Categories of Creepy Crawl Space Problems

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Written by Shiyamala

Many people don’t even think about their crawl spaces, and this can cause a serious problem for homeowners. In fact, your crawl space should be one of the things you think about the most, because it’s an important space in your home.

Why should you care about your crawl space? If you don’t, you may end up with some of these crawl space issues.

1. Animals

If you don’t consider your crawl space problems, you can end up with a huge variety of animal problems. Animals can get into spaces that have very tiny openings, which means that even the tiniest opening in your crawl space to the outside world can lead to a giant infestation.

Plus, rodents and bugs reproduce especially quickly. One pregnant rat can multiply into over 60 rats by the end of a single year. If you don’t get rid of them as soon as possible, you can end up with a home full of wild animals.

2. Plants

Plants typically fall into two categories: dangerous and invasive. Of course, these two categories can have some overlap, as well. However, if you’re dealing with a plant problem, it’s likely to be at least one of these.

Dangerous plants include plants like mold, which can cause health problems even through “non-toxic” types of mold. Invasive plants like wisteria or kudzu can cause problems not only for your home, but also for the environment around your home.

3. Criminal

The good news is that if you’re not a criminal yourself, you likely don’t have much to worry about here. However, even if you’ve never been involved in any shady business in your life, that doesn’t mean you can just neglect the possibility of this happening to you.

From mob cash stashed under your home to an actual person stealing your heating and cooling right out from under you, criminal items exist in some people’s crawl spaces. To ignore that is to overlook a potentially-dangerous source of problems.

4. Historical

There are plenty of homes that have been around for decades and even centuries. Under these homes, you’re bound to find some interesting historical artifacts, especially if you haven’t looked through them in a long time. Unfortunately, those artifacts can also be very creepy.

Whether it’s a disturbing journal that opens up insight into the strange and terrible lives some people lived centuries ago or it’s unexploded artillery from a war, this historical information can be life-changing. For some people, it may even be life-ruining.

5. Paranormal

Not everyone believes in the paranormal, but for some people, it’s an important part of their daily life. If you do believe in ghosts, you might think you have some ghosts or ghouls living under your home, where you rarely go.

This can be something that you might want to call a ghost expert for. Before you talk to the ghost expert, make sure you talk to a housing expert. These experts can make sure there’s nothing wrong with the structure of your home, so you can pursue whatever fix you want.

6. Structural

What if an expert does find that there’s a structural problem in your home? It’s more likely than you might think. Structural problems can quickly turn into foundation issues, and those foundation issues can lead to floors creaking, walls bowing, or complete structural collapse.

Foundation problems are going to happen in some homes, but you don’t just have to lie down and take it. Crawl space inspectors know what to look for in a crawl space, and they know how to fix the most common foundation problems in a crawl space. That lets them give you useful advice.

In a crawl space situation, preventing water seepage into the undercarriage of the home is as simple as installing full encapsulation material under the home to prevent water from raising up from under the ground, with sump pumps to capture any moisture that creeps in or remains and carrying it away from the home. Learn more about – How groundwater can cause crawl space flooding?

A finished crawl space with encapsulation has many benefits. These include fast, clean installation, prevent mold and mildew from the air in your home, utility bill savings, added storage space, and much more. The benefits outweigh the costs of a finished crawl space.

Avoiding Creepy Things in Your Crawl Space

The best way to not have to deal with any of these problems is to make sure you take care of your crawl space from the start. All the way from the start, it’s important that you avoid the creepy things in your crawl space.

Talk to a contractor about encapsulating your crawl space so you can maintain a clean, healthy crawl space.

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