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An Elaborate Checklist To Effectively Deep Clean Your House

home cleaning checklist
Written by Shiyamala

A deep cleaning helps preserve the beauty of your house. It gives rise to a happy and healthy living space. You need not perform a deep clean every day. The frequency of deep cleaning depends on how well you maintain your house. The detailed checklist mentioned below will help you clean the house without spending a lot of time on the chores.

Choose A Convenient Day 

Cleaning is never an easy task. It requires a lot of your energy, patience, and time. You must figure out how to go about with the chores easily. Sit together and discuss before you finalize the day of deep cleaning. Deep cleanings tasks cannot be carried out on a working day. So make you set aside a weekend for getting the cleanup done. It is not possible to complete the chores single-handedly. Encourage all your family to step forward and engage themselves in various cleaning activities. It is not just one room; there is a lot to focus on. A checklist can help you keep a better track of the chores being done. Create a list by including all the little details right from the cleaning supplies to the total number of rooms and the time assigned for a specific space.

Grab The Essential Cleaning Accessories

Nothing should interrupt you once you begin the work. So, it is always better to gather the supplies well in advance. Go around your house and make a separate list of cleaning materials that you already have. Make the deep cleaning process a less expensive affair by not spending in excess. Purchase only what is utmost required. Never store the items in excess. If you have a busy schedule and you feel you cannot concentrate on the deep cleaning for the month, approach the house cleaning experts in your area. They can help you with the work and bring the polish to your house in a jiffy. You should never lay down the quality and standard of the cleaning essentials you buy. Some of the mandatory items your list of cleaning accessories must include are:-

  • Baking soda
  • Plastic bucket of better storage capacity
  • A good squeegee
  • A lot of microfiber cloths
  • Any dish soap of your choice  
  • A pair or two of rubber gloves
  • Three sponges 
  • A strong scrubbing brush
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Any suitable glass cleaner
  • White vinegar
  • An old toothbrush
  • A mop and a broomstick
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Old clothes or rags

If you require something apart from the above-mentioned supplies, do ad them to the list.

Cleanup Your Space At The Earliest

Before you begin with the deep cleaning process you have to dejunk the house. The more the goods, the long and tiring the task gets. You have to first move room by room and sort out all your goods. Store only what is necessary. The kinds of stuff that are worn and torn can find a place in the bin. The rest of the items which are of no good use to you anymore can be sold off or donated. You have to think of time-saving methods by which you can get done with the chores within the estimated time frame. Do not take an eternity to purge the unwanted possessions. Systematically arrange the misplaced goods and dump the garbage the same day. Refrain from piling up the garbage. Not just your house, but also your workplace should be deep cleaned once in a while. Contact the companies that provide the best office cleaning services to create a neat and productive working environment.

Cleaning Checklists

Living Room

The first impression of how house lies in the beauty and ambiance of your living room. The entrance should be well-maintained and so you have to invest quite some time on deep cleaning the living room. The fans may be greasy if not cleaned for a long time. Wipe each blade of the fan and bring back its shine. Vacuum clean the rugs and carpets and use a good–quality stain remover to take off the stains. Keep the couches intact. Remove the food leftovers from the corners of your sofas and use a vacuum to get rid of pet fur. Clean the walls and windows and let them sparkle like before.


The kitchen is a vast area where you can find a lot of appliances and crockeries. You will have to concentrate on deep cleaning the kitchen before you move to any other room. Always remember that you must sweep or vacuum the floor only once you thoroughly clean the kitchenware and other appliances. There are chances for the dust to fall to the ground during the cleanup. So mopping and sweeping should be done at last. Run the dishwasher empty to get rid of the excess food that remains and any sort of unpleasant odor. The shelves of the fridge should be carefully removed and rinsed. Wipe and clean the stove and countertops. Dust off any crumb remains from the toaster. You must be very careful while cleaning the microwave oven. Focus on the drawers and cabinets once done with all the major appliances.

Laundry Space

Put the clothes to as soon as they are washed. Otherwise, they tend to release a foul smell which ruins the vibe of the house. You must clean the washing machine thoroughly. Make sure you run an empty cycle with the detergent to get rid of the chunks of dirt. Remove the dirt sack carefully and wash it. Extract all the dirt and dust accumulated within before you put it back. Sweep and mop the floors well.


Disinfect and sanitize the bathroom regularly. The bathroom is home to germs and bacteria. Frequent cleaning is needed to maintain freshness. Keep the bathroom dry after a shower. Moist surfaces give birth to mold formation. Mold attacks can be very pesky if not treated at the right time. Wash and clean the toilet with the appropriate cleaning solution. Clean the shower blind and remove the stains if any. Scrub the bathtub and basin well. The towels and the bath mat should be washed from time to time. You can mop the floors and use to wiper afterward to get rid of the excess water.


Bedrooms usually contain a lot of fittings and furniture. To get a good night’s sleep, you should keep the surroundings clean. Messy surroundings can ruin your sleep cycle. Do not stack the clothes on the bed. Fold the clothes and place them in the cupboard. Browse and find out various closet organizing techniques and give a whole new look to your closet. Scrub the windows and baseboards well. Baseboards if not cleaned often can be surrounded with a lot of dust and dirt. Dust the bed and wash the bedsheets and pillowcases. Though the dust on the carpet may not be prominent enough, it should be vacuumed once a week, especially if have kids and pets around.

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