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What Does It Cost To Hire a Locksmith?

Written by Shiyamala

When you need the services of a locksmith, you don’t want to worry about how much it is going to cost. The amount you will pay depends on the kind of service you need. It will also change depending on if you call within business hours or need the services of a 24 hour locksmith. Keep reading to find out more about the average cost for different kinds of locksmith services. 

What Kind of Locksmith Service Do You Need?

When people think of a locksmith, the most common service that comes to mind is probably having a door opened after they have locked themselves out. Locksmiths offer this and many other kinds of services. 

Locked out

If you are locked out of your car or home, you need the immediate services of a locksmith. You should expect to pay more for emergency calls than scheduled services. The average price for lockout services on a car is $85. This covers the service, the locksmith’s time and expertise, and the fuel spent driving to you.

You could be looking at spending a bit more on home lockouts. The average price for home lockouts is $120. No matter what, you still need to pay for the locksmith’s time and training, as well as the time they spend getting to your location. A locksmith might also add additional fees if the weather is bad or driving conditions are poor. 


Another great service that locksmiths offer is rekeying. There are several situations where you might need a lock rekeyed. New homeowners should always get their house rekeyed. Landlords should utilize this service each time they get a new tenant. If a set of keys has been lost, rekeying is another way to make sure your home is safe and secure. 

Rekeying usually costs less than replacing an entire lock system. Rekeying costs also vary depending on the type of lock. High-security locks are more complicated and take a greater skill set to successfully rekey. The average cost to rekey a lock is between $40-$100 per lock and increases based on the lock’s complexity and the number of cylinders. 

Lock system installation

Locksmiths also are the experts in your community on installing locks. Locks are the first step of your home’s security system. Modern security systems can use traditional kinds of locks, like deadbolts, electronic keypads, and regular door knobs. You should expect to pay at least $60 on each lock that you need to be installed, and the cost can increase significantly from there.

High-tech security systems that use biometric locks or that work with your phone offer security upgrades for a price. Your locksmith may charge more to install these systems, and they may require special knowledge or the help of an electrician. 

What Are the Cost Differences Between Auto, Residential, and Commercial Locksmith Services?

While locksmiths provide similar services for homes, businesses, and vehicles, the costs will still vary between the three. 


A locksmith can unlock, rekey, and replace your car locks. And the price to unlock your car is similar to what you would pay for this service for your home. However, to rekey your car, it could cost as much as $300. You can also have the locksmith replace your car locks altogether, whether it’s because you lost all copies of your keys or you want to upgrade your lock system. 

Locksmiths generally are able to work with all kinds of lock systems, including regular keys, keypads, and transponder keys. Keep in mind that the make and model of your vehicle can influence the cost of the locksmith services. 


Many times residential locksmith services are less expensive than auto locksmith services. This is because a lot of the time, a locksmith won’t need special tools to work on home or apartment locks. Whereas not all locksmiths provide auto services and may charge more for the tools and skills that are needed. 


If you are locked out of your business, need new keys, or want to rekey your locks, you will usually pay more than you would for your home. Because commercial buildings are often made with materials that are meant to be more secure than the average home, the lock systems can be trickier to work with. 

To unlock your business, you could pay between $50 and $200. To rekey your doors, expect to pay around $150. And to replace a lock, it costs in the range of $100 to $250. 

Do You Need a 24 Hour Locksmith?

There’s never a convenient time to lock yourself out of your home or car. But it always seems to happen at the worst time. Many locksmiths offer emergency services, but there is an extra cost for these kinds of calls. You should expect the locksmith to add an additional cost to your quote if you need emergency services. These costs can increase when the calls are very late at night, very early in the morning, or if you are in a rural location.

The Costs of NOT Hiring a Locksmith Can Be Higher

Many people decide to try and get back inside their home or vehicle after they have been locked out. This can result in damage like scratches, gouges, or broken windows and screens. You will need to spend money on repairs if you damage your home or vehicle while trying to gain entry. Consider hiring a 24 hour locksmith instead, and save yourself the repair costs. 

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