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How Much Does It Cost To Install An Automatic Sprinkler System?

Sprinkler System
Written by Shiyamala

An automatic sprinkler system is a unique system that allows water to flow automatically. This kind of technology does more than just providing water in homes. It ensures life safety, property safety, and minimizes the level of business disruptions in case of a fire breakout.

Today, there are so many cases of fire accidents. Many people have lost their lives, properties, or their loved ones. And for that reason, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA?) came up with a sprinkler system. Previously, no one paid attention to these systems until survivors of fire testified how this technology saved their lives.

All modern buildings are installed with an automatic sprinkler system. Some individuals have taken the initiative to install by themselves instead of waiting for their renters. But what is the price of the system? Is it more costly to install by yourself rather than by the landowners?

Those are some of the concerns of people. By the time you finish reading this blog, you will have information on how much it costs to install an automatic sprinkler system.

The parts of the automatic sprinkler system

Before you think of installing this system, you have to know the parts that build it. Being familiar with its constituents will help you to budget and get all the critical parts. Each part of this system plays a vital role. Just like any system, sprinkler technology can’t work effectively if any of its components is a miss.

Sprinkler valves

The sprinkler valve controls the flow of water. Any default of the valves will interfere with the pressure of the water flowing.

There are two types of valves, that is, sprinkler valve and alarm valve. The alarm valve exclusively controls the alarming of system. It is the one to send signals during an emergency. When installing the system, make sure that this valve is in check. Failing to do so will be a waste of time and money because the system won’t be useful without it.

After all, the purpose of getting this system is to be alerted during danger so that you know the way forward. These are special valves that distinguish automated sprinkler system from ordinary sprinklers.

The pipe

All water systems require pipes for smooth drainage of water. The pipes should be well fitted on the network. They should be checked from time to time and replaced when necessary. Pipes are exceptionally delicate, and they can easily get damaged because of the high pressure.

Therefore it is vital to always be on the lookout to ensure no leakage takes place. I can tell you for free that it is no joke to get rid of flooded water in your house. It is a terrible experience to deal with burst pipes. It’s better to be warned than to regret later.

The sprinkler head

As the name suggests, the sprinkler head is the controller of the system. It is the part that reacts when there is a fire accident. The head has a glass bulb that contains water and alcohol.

When the temperature rises rapidly, it reacts and forces the whole system to release water. It is triggered by a high temperature of between 155 to 165 degrees. The system should be kept in a safe place to avoid accidental contact with it.

Alarm bell

The bell has electric sounds that release signal anytime water is flowing in the system. Its operation entirely depends on the whole technology. Meaning that the bell cannot work if the system is faulty.

What determines the cost of an automatic sprinkler system?

1. The fixer of the system

Any installation cost depends on the person fixing it. It could be an engineer, the government authority, a local plumber, the constructor, or you. As a smart person, you would call the cheapest individual to save some cash. I, too, would do the same thing.

Sometimes going for cheap ideas is more expensive than the actual costly services. For instance, you may end up spending more money in the future repairing your sprinkler if you had chosen an unqualified plumber just because his services were cheaper. By the time you’ll notice you were being played for a fool, he will be nowhere to be seen.

A professional engineer might charge you a high price, but it is guaranteed you will get a quality service. The professional installment will cost you between $300 and $20,000, depending on what you agree on. Installing for yourself will save you 30 to 40% of the professional charge. Even though that is cheaper, only consider if you know how to do it. Don’t put your life at risk just because you want to save money!

2. The size

The size of the area you want to install the automatic system matters. The bigger the city, the more the costs. Installing in a quarter acre of land costs between $2,500 – 3,500 while one-quarter acre is $5,500-$ 8,500. This allows you to install what you can afford.

If you live in rental apartments, and you want to install the system, be ready to spend more. What you can do is to talk to your neighbors and convince them to chip in some money for the installation. Doing so will reduce the spendings, and all of you will benefit when an emergency occurs.

3. The type of system

There are different types of sprinklers. Some are more advanced in terms of technology. That means that if you want to spend less, you’ll have to go for the one that is of lower quality. High quality will have higher installation costs. My advice to you is to install a long-lasting type even if it means taking a loan to afford it. Poor quality will only serve you for a short while.


The cost of installing an automatic sprinkler depends on the size, type, and the person in charge of fixing. Do your research and go for what your pocket allows you. Keep in mind that having this system in your building is worth spending on it. So don’t be too stingy, installing the system will do you good!

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