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Current Home Styling Trends In New Jersey

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Written by Shiyamala

The ability to change our homes and adapt to the latest emerging trends is always welcome. Each year new home styling trends help us to update our houses with ease and confidence.

From colour to design to fashion, the current home styling trends in New Jersey enable us to make a visual impact.

1. Artisan Fixtures

Artisan fixtures can shift the beauty and charm of any home to create a unique environment. Whether it’s a standout chair, hand-crafted headboard, uniquely crafted lighting or metal-framed mirrors, adding few artisanal elements to your home keeps things interesting.

Hand-crafted fixtures personalize a home and shifts the focus of any room, creating an inviting and comforting feel. From showers to doors, sinks to walls, you can add an artisanal element to any place adding a mixture of interest and beauty without having to commit the entire space to a distinctive look.

2. Natural Elements

Natural materials like granite and copper can help to bring out a serene and organic ambience to any space, refreshing the body and calming the mind.

Use houseplants to incorporate nature into your home. Green, leafy and large plants can be used as a distinctive accent piece,  while a smaller plant like the succulents works as can be a welcome addition to most rooms.

You can incorporate geological elements as decorative pieces or use them as functional objects like bookends on your shelf.

Additionally, wood furniture works as a practical element with its texture and natural look that can provide a pleasing effect, especially in the kitchen and living areas. Add reclaimed wood and solid teak wood furniture and capture a distinctive look.

Embrace art pieces that integrate nature into your home. Well-curated art brings out a charming beauty to any contemporary home. To add a natural element, skip the abstract-expressionists art and embrace the natural images like monochrome photographs of different animals.

3. Statement Ceilings

Whether your living style is modern, industrial, traditional or eclectic, having an inviting and alluring ceiling can create a unique look.

Choose from different designs like lacquered paint, moulding cover and wallpaper ceilings. Having an excellent ceiling design gives any room an imitable and unique character that creates an indelible impression. Reimagining your home ceiling can help any room to appear brighter and larger while adding warmth, visual appeal and subtle elegance.

However, before touching the ceiling structure, it’s advisable to involve the heating and air conditioning New Jersey experts to survey and advise.

4. Floral Patterns

Floral patterns have become a classic decorating trend that modernizes and refreshes the look of any room. From playful scales to exaggerated proportions, contrasting colours to geometric patterns, integrating floral designs can bring out  familiarity, warmth and timeless beauty.

You may opt to adopt the floral designs in a small way through miniature framed prints, wallpaper and decorative throw pillows.

5. Curvy Furniture

The nonstop technology and hectic schedules have changed the simple act of sitting down and having a talk with your loved ones into a lost art. However, you can bring intimacy back to your living rooms through curvaceous settees, sofas and chairs that help to create an inviting mood for all.

Curved chairs and sofas bring out a great balance of feminine and modern look infusing your space with new energy. Additionally, curvy furniture evokes relaxation aiding the occupants to have a more natural conversation.

Moreover, curvy furniture can embrace the power of mix and match that adds an exciting allure to a room. Consider having curvy velvet furniture for a comforting, luxurious and virtually ageless look.

6. Layering your Lightning

Thoughtfully placed lightning can transform any room to create depth, set a mood and subdivide a space. Layering your home with ceiling lights, floor lamps and table lamps can add an exciting dimension to your place.

Different layers of light give your home an inviting and warm feeling while reflecting the mood and function of each space. From soft gold lighting fixtures to industrial, retro styles to vintage styles, art deco and mid-century modern styles to cleaner lines,  smart technology to timeless statements and more prominent fixtures, you have an array of trending styles to choose from.

7. Millennial Pink

Millennial Pink has become a trendy hue thanks to its charming and delightful modern feel. When incorporated into any home uniquely and creatively, it quickly updates any space in a chic way. This versatile hue creates a delicate and refined tone.

From pink sofas to pink throw blankets, rose quartz coasters, pink rugs and pink kitchenware, the hue has dominated our living spaces, helping to brighten our environment and mood.

These trending interior designs can provide a boost to our homes with unexpected silhouettes and hues and  the home décor enthusiasts, the trends provide a creative inspiration and unique style that celebrates your personality and culture.

Let your home décor and furniture tell a story by incorporating colours, unique silhouettes and patterns.

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