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Decorating Your Teenage Girls Bedroom On A Budget

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas
Written by Shiyamala

Has your teenager outgrown their childhood room décor? Or are you tired of seeing the mess of posters and stickers covering the bedroom?

Then perhaps it’s time to consider re-decorating your teenage girls bedroom room into something more stylish and contemporary. Why not make the most of the opportunity and collaborate with your teen and create wall art together!!

The first step is to create a blank canvas for you to work on. Empty the room, cover the floors and get painting!

Choose a neutral colour or tone for an elegant simple look that will be the perfect backdrop for any creative wall art you choose. If you’re feeling a bit braver, then why not choose a feature wall and paint it a bright bold colour, or cover it with some patterned wallpaper. Keep reading to find out how to create your own wallpaper or wall mural!

7 Easy and Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your Teenage Girls Bedroom Within Your Budget

Wall Art

Some wall art ideas that would be perfect for a teenagers would be photo to canvas prints, wallpaper murals, decorative shelves, personalized art prints, picture frames or if your budget extends some original artwork!

For a livelier and more comfortable room, get the right accessories for your teenager, including wall decor that expresses your teens fun-loving spirit. Here are some of the really interesting wall art ideas you can choose from:

Canvas wall art

There are also a wide variety of canvas wall art products, such as some beautiful scenery of a sunset, of flowers and other nature-themed photographs. Alternately, you can line up three enlarged photos on canvas prints of friends, siblings or self-portraits from infancy up to teen years. Fashion and music-related are also popular photo onto canvas art themes they may find interesting.

Wall clocks and mirrors

Create wall art from interesting clocks and mirrors, a perfect example of things that can enhance a room and at the same time make a wonderful wall decor. You can choose from a variety of wall clocks in different shapes, colours and of different styles.


If a plain yet elegant room without so much hanging on her wall, then printed wallpapers or wall murals can be the answer. Faint-coloured, soft flower-designed, or giant flower photo printed wall mural can be just perfect for a teenage girls room!

Or how about that smaller feature wall? You can now get your own personalised wallpaper printed easily at a very affordable cost. Simply choose an image that you love and get it blown and immerse yourself in a scene! There are several online photo canvas printing companies now that offer printing on self-adhesive textile wallpaper, so you can even hang it your self without getting a decorator in! It’s easy to install and doesn’t damaged your walls as it has a special re-positionable adhesive.


Posters of favourite artists, bands, athletes, and fashion icons are never out of style, especially for teens. Instead of sticking them up with blu-tack or tape and ruining your newly decorated walls, order some of the same wall mural material above, but choose a small 1m x 60cm size for a great peel-able sticker that won’t ruin your walls.

Decorative shelves

A decorative shelf painted with rosy pink or royal purple also makes a great wall decor. Aside from being decorative itself, your teen can stack her books and display her collection of pictures and other stuff on this shelf. You can get creative ideas of shelf designs on different home furnishing stores and magazines.

Personalized name art prints

A different type of wall decor that can be great for teens is personalized name art print. This is usually a horizontal set of frames with different letters comprising her first name on each frame. The material of the letters can be photos or country-style, cloth-stitched letters, or any other great material you can think of. Effectively you could do the same with a selection of photos onto canvas prints but with graphic artwork.

I hope some of these tips have been useful to you. Whether you are getting a new house or redecorating your teens room, always consider their favourite things and taste. Do not also forget that teens love to get creative and unique, so let shop around with you in order to get the best wall art for their room.

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