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Different Types of Floral Bedsheets For Spring Season

floral design bedsheet
Written by Shiyamala

Floral prints are an evergreen hit in home décor, especially during the spring season. They look good with every kind of home décor so when you buy bedsheets online, this spring, you will see a huge variety of floral prints available. If you want the bedsheets you choose to be different, however, then you might want to take a look at these styles

Bold flower design

The bedsheets with a uniform floral print all over them are common but the bedsheets with one bold flower design popping on a muted background is sure to draw the eyes of your guests. You will find many such unique floral designs on the bedsheets of the Enchanted Garden collection designed by SPACES.

Watercolour Effect

You can find bedsheets online which have a pattern of flowers on them resembling a watercolour painting. Along with making your room look incredibly charming, they also make a rare addition to your bed linen collection.

Garden scenes

When you buy bedsheets online, you will come across a few styles of bedsheets which capture the scenes that are observed in a garden. Right from trees and flowers to butterflies and birds, everything is recreated beautifully on the bedsheet so that it makes your room feel surreal.

Playful floral pattern

Among the various floral bedsheets online, you can find the ones which have a rather quirky and artistic representation of flowers on them. These add a warm and cheerful vibe to the room. You can find these and other styles of bedsheets in the Artboard collection designed by SPACES.

This spring, welcome the season with a different style of floral bedsheet in your room every day giving it a fresh look. When you buy bedsheets online at SPACES.in, you can narrow down your search by adding filters such as size, fabric, colour and pattern, so that your shopping experience is a satisfying one

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