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Different Types of Garages to Shelter Your Valuables

Written by Shiyamala

When building your new home or renovating it, you make lots of arrangements for your home that takes time, creativity, and hard work. One of the factors to look at is whether you should consider a garage or not.

If you have a garage, indeed, you can utilize your garage to store your valuable households, or protect your vehicle from thieves, climate, and different elements.

You can choose to customize the garage space in many aspects.

Here are the various options of garages –

Attached Garage

You can find this type of garage in almost every home. You would not be required to go out after parking your vehicle in the garage by having an attached garage. If there is substantial rain in your area, you don’t need to worry about using an umbrella and wearing a raincoat to go inside your home when you park your car in the garage.

Attached Garage
Attached Garage

Despite all the good things, a significant disadvantage of an attached garage is that it is associated with your home, so you cannot plan it uniquely in contrast to the general look of your home. But there are multiple choices to go for if you want an alternative outside design for the garage.

Entrance Garage

This type of garage is also popular in many houses. You do not need to go out after navigating your vehicle in the garage by having an entrance garage. Even in substantial rain, when you park your car in the garage, you do not have to wear a raincoat to go inside your home.

Precisely this way entrance garage helps you; if you have it close to your home, and if you’re looking for the benefits of having an adjoining garage. You can go ahead without worrying a bit and assemble a patio to associate both. It creates a protected space controlled by the environment.

Isolated Garage

This type of garage is separated from the house and can be placed anywhere on the ground. It also encourages you to save money, and you do not have to remind yourself of the garage for your home project; add it later when there is a chance. However, if some advantages of the seized capacity seem to talk to you, consider associating your detached metal garages with an attached patio.

It can look like a roof that goes from your home to the garage and gives more space controlled by the atmosphere. On the other hand, it can reach a recessed room which, once again, requires you to escape terrible climate impacts on your way.

Loft Garage

The loft garage is almost equivalent to the condo. But, it has more extensive and more prominent space for your vehicle, and space is more limited for the extra room above, making it only space or attic rather than a condo. The loft is also the ideal area for your games room, where you can place pool tables and other things for entertainment.

Workshop Garage

It is an ideal option for an owner who likes to make their vehicles or for a specialist who needs a workplace. For the most part, they have various straight inputs that can be moved so that cars can be effectively protected and can have a regular access entry. If there is an additional place in this workshop, individuals can also choose to store other outdoor equipment or repair equipment that are useful when working on a vehicle.

Portable Garage

A portable garage is an excellent option for people who do not need a permanent garage and want to use the space for purposes other than parking their vehicles. Usually, in rigid materials and other vital materials that can withstand heat, winds, and breakage, you can assemble the portable garage if you need protection for your parked vehicle. It can very well be folded and deferred as per the needs. And here is the advantage, you can also take the portable garage anywhere, having a goal to install a covered parking space.


A steel carport is an open structure that has no walls, and the roof is confirmed by beams on each side of the structure. As it would not require walls, entrances, or windows, the parking space is less expensive.


The steel carports offer a significantly more helpful road to remove your vehicle from its parking point because you do not have to emphasize the opening of garage entrances or to hit walls.

2 Door Wide Garages

This one is probably the most common garage layout and offers a lot of room for your car and even storage, depending on how you maximize space. You must have two vehicles or a massive vehicle to consider a single garage door instead of two.

Although many people like the appearance of a double garage with two individual doors on it, these doors can be complicated to enter and get out of if you have a massive vehicle.

Garage with Upstairs Home

Ideal for the owners who want a house, however, bound by obligations of neighbours and follows some rules as well. A garage on the ground floor with living quarters above is an incredible way to use vertical space and still have a protected spot to store your vehicle. Except for the garage constructed by a skilled builder, it will come as a kit that you will be able to put together yourself or hire a local builder to help you with essential details such as arched ceilings, windows all around the upstairs. It is an elegant place to live, and you will love the accessibility of having the garage right beneath you.

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