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39 Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas

fall mantel decorating ideas
Written by Shiyamala

With Halloween just a hair fall away, there isn’t a better way to commemorate the tradition of the dry season than with a little bit of intrinsic indoor decorating starting with your mantle. From the dried red leaves to the artistic pumpkins and gourds, there are so many ideas that are just too good not to use for the special night or even the fall season.

In this post, we will share some of the best fall mantle decorating ideas that assured to give you some good social media exposure.

1.  Chalkboard Printable

Source: pinimg.com

An elegant black-and-white chalkboard mantle is perhaps the most ideal Christmas welcoming gift that one can possibly imagine. Not only is decor adorable, but it’s also super easy to change if it looks out of place. All this chalkboard needs is your favorite Christmas song lyrics or quotes.

2.  Boho Decor

Source: pinimg .com

There’s no need to break the bank for this one as you can take the DIY approach. You can construct your own wooden frame and put up a photo of your loved one. You can even string together your own wooden beads to make the garland. And natural objects plucked from your own backyard make wonderful found treasures.

3.  Pick a Color Scheme

Source: unsplash.com

Any decor project thrives with the most fitting color scheme. We suggest having a color palette that consists mainly of greens, blues, and muted reds. This way, your mantle will truly echo the chilling spirit of fall.

4.  Fake Bonfire

Source: www.enuotek.com

If your house’s gas supply is on the fritz, you can still make do with a fake Halloween bonfire for your fireplace. As Enuotek Lighting proves, one of the best ways to do this is to arrange a set of firewood like a Native American tent and place a bulb or a lantern in the space between the firewood. No trick-or-treater will ever catch up to this illusion from afar.

5.  Pumpkin-Free Fall Decorating

Source: unsplash.com

So what if you don’t have any pumpkins to decorate your mantle with? You can make do by blending lively colors, natural textures, and wooden tones to bring that authentic autumn feel from your mantle.

6.  Faux Fireplace Mantel

Source: pinimg.com

If your house lacks a fireplace, you can make do with a floating shelf along with some appropriate decorative items. All you have to do is place some novelty wheat stems, and paint some makeshift pumpkins out of bell peppers and squashes and you’re good to go.

7.  Neon Colors

Source: unsplash.com

Hallowing doesn’t necessarily have to be scary, just look at this cute little mantle if you think we’re bluffing. This is for those with a darling young girl who literally marks out for anything pink. What you can get any more cute and pink than with AstroBrights’ neon paper to make some adorable pom-poms.

8.  Easy Fall Mantle

Source: pinimg.com

If you think you can’t whip up a seasonal display in a matter of minutes and without much trouble or a hassle, guess again. Stacy Risenway has got you covered from planter to chalkboard. You can even use the leaves and pinecones from your yard to make your mantle more authentic.

9.  Scandinavian

Source: pinimg.com

Can a Nordic-style fall season celebratory mantle be possible? Chris at Just a Girl Blog thinks so. The beautiful clear white marble finish of your fireplace can channel those fall vibes with just the right Nordic touch to it. Of course, finishing the mantle with pumpkins, corn stalking, and wheating would most definitely turn up the joy of fall some more.

10. Fake Fireplace Logs

Source: pinimg.com

Well, it’s the thought that counts in the end after all. Faux logs are the next best thing when stores and local area are fresh out. To get your own set of these believable fakes, just follow what Pepper Design Blog has laid out for you.

11. Eclectic Home Decor

Source: pinimg.com

If one idea isn’t enough to decorate your mantle for the fall, there’s no harm in incorporating several others. Take this one from CraftBerry Brush’s Lucy, for example. It includes vintage books, antique French letters, all clock covers, and the paper wreath made by your own hands. And best of all, you hardly have to spend anything at all.

12. Heirloom Pumpkins

Source: pinimg.com

To give your fall mantle more personality, we suggest getting yourself some heirloom pumpkins. The cheap, plastic gourds that are found at many dollar stores, can be passed off as green Jarrahdale pumpkins. Oh, it’s true! Just follow So Much Better with Age’s Jamie Lundstrom and see for yourself.

13. Soothing Colors

Source: unsplash.com

If you find solace with cool, soothing colors instead of the usual warm ones for fall, then, by all means, go right ahead. To give your mantle this touchup, avoid using the saturated colors you typically find, such as bold red and bright orange.

14. Trough Planter

Source: pinimg.com

Fall mantels can also come in pretty white like this seasonal trough planter from Hymns and Verses. Doreen accomplishes this by arranging a wooden trough and sprinkling it with hydrangea, ornamental cabbage, cockscomb, berries, seedpods, and some other fall plants and grasses. And the natural cotton ball wreath is just too adorable to pass up.

15. Thanksgiving Mantel

Source: pinimg.com

To get your festive Thanksgiving spirit into full gear, we recommend objects of varying heights on your fall mantle. For instructions, let Lisa of Grey Luster Girl help you out. She used a natural wood frame followed by a homemade paper wreath to give it more attention. And the small decorative items give the dark wood shelf some contrast.

16. Cool Colors

Source: unsplash.com

This is another great decorative fall mantle idea for those who prefer cool colors instead of the warm autumn tones. Kerri from A Pop of Pretty ensures that you don’t need to overdo the red and orange accents. She instead went with blue and green fall hydrangea bunches, and also a bit of green and cream berries.

17. Cotton Stems

Source: myblessedlife.net

Cotton stems are a mainstay for farmhouse-style fall decorations. My Blessed Life’s Myra will give you the know-how for your fall mantle as well as show you how you can fill your base beautiful stalks. The earthy colors and a mixture of textures can further help complete the look.

18. Contemporary Mantel Décor

Just because we’re celebrating something traditional, doesn’t mean it has to look traditional as well. On the contrary, you can opt for a contemporary fall mantel if you so, please. One of our favorite ways of doing this is by combining a Magnolia wreath, some gold vases and a white mirror with a couple of seasonal ornaments.

19. White Pumpkins

It might not translate the authentic colors and aura of autumn, but this regal fall mantel still quite the head-turner. If you too desire this cute makeover for your fireplace, then you better start collecting some adorable pinecones, painting some pumpkins white and getting some fresh leafy branches to have it come off looking like the picture.

20. Back to School Mantel

We’re pretty certain most school-going kids will cringe at the sight of this. But if your child doesn’t mind, then you can head on over to The Happy Housie and see how Krista made use of the regular objects she had in her house for her own kids.

21. Feather Garland

Sometimes all it takes is just one item like a piece of feather to give you that ideal fall mantel. For instance, a garland lined with gold-tipped and striped feathers will look mighty neat for our rustic mantel. And feel free to add seven tiny white pumpkins on the surface of your floating shelf just like Summer from Simply Styling shows.

22. Fall Leaves String

It’s time you showed mother nature how much appreciate her beautiful fall foliage. Take a piece of string and tie some autumn leaves that you collected some of the prettiest maple trees around your neighborhood. Just keep in mind that you need to preserve each of those leaves in a DIY mixture comprised of glycerin and water.

23. Elegant Fireplace Mantel

If posh and regal are more your cup of tea, then some lush velvety pumpkins will bring a lot of sophistication to your mantel scape. For a proper guide on how to achieve this, just follow what Lori at Designthusiasm does. The breathtaking fabric goes very well with the ornate gold clock.

24. Rustic Fall Décor

Craving a rustic decor for your autumn mantel? Then follow this guide by Robyn Builds a Nest. You can also adorn the fireplace with these cute wood signs that you can make for $15 on your own.

25. Gallery Wall

In case you’re wondering, no those aren’t exactly photo frames you see on the walls of this adorable autumn mantle. They’re actually wall decals that have been marvelously decorated by the wonderful mind and hands of A Pop of Pretty’s Kerri. And the best part about this is that you won’t be doing your wall’s paint any harm and can peel and restick the photos.

26. Harvest Mantel

Everything from the natural colors, the decorations, as well as the theme, all scream fall with this seasonal harvest mantel. The succulent garland is what gets us the most and the cute little pumpkin planters add just the right touch. Use the guide from At Charlotte’s House to learn how to do this.

27. DIY Bunting

Sewing feels like a chore for you, then try your hand at decorating a fall mantel scape without any sewing. Holly from Sister Suitcase Blog shows everything you need to know about creating a stylish fabric bunting as shown in the picture, using only a glue gun at your disposal. And the Granny Smith apples on the mantel scape brings up the ambiance.

28. Fall Leaves Decorations

Nothing magnificently captures the aura of autumn more than this rustic coastal mantel. You can make it even more beautiful by plucking gorgeous bright branches from your backyard.

29. Vintage Inspired Halloween Mantel

Want to know what you can get by mixing hardcover books, cheap Halloween decorations, and a couple of branches? A spooky and cute little Halloween mantel like the one you see here. The decorative battery-operated candle lights that you can get from your local thrift store brings just the most fitting allure.

30. Transitional Mantel

Relive the moments when you and your family coming from the hot days of summer into the chilling nights of fall with this transitional fall mantel. Karianne from Thistlewood Farms has laid out the plans to dress your house’s mantel in a similar manner. She even used the pinecones, twigs, and springs got from her backyard to complete the display.

31. Rustic Knickknacks

If colorful fall branches are what you have to decorate your fall mantel with, then you can do better. We pairing those branches with a rustic knickknack like a wheat basket with a verdant green wreath to finish the look. You can also use an old barn painting like Anita from Far Above Rubies has done.

32. Wall Art

An autumn mantel should be exactly as it sounds. And one of the best ways to do that is with custom art. Take this reclaimed wood centerpiece here from The Lettered Cottage’s Layla has shared on her blog ever so nicely. Adding a couple of other touches like bundled the wheat stalks and an acorn-filled glass cylinder will help complete the look.

33. Empty Picture Frames

Remember those heirloom picture frames that have been handed down to your family for generations? The ones that are empty and with ornate designs? Well, it’s high time you make good use of them to get your mantel the appropriate rustic decor that it needs for the fall season. Courtney from ‘A Diamond in the Stuff’ can help you out with that.

34. Fall Topiaries

Nothing like decorating your full white fall mantel with some of mother nature’s lovely green topiaries. Classic Cutter’s Savannah has laid out the perfect plan of action to make this concept a reality.

35. Scandi Inspired Mantel

Nothing feels better for your fireplace than a pretty hand-painted sign with some of the remaining green plants in autumn to bring out that Scandi theme to life. You can get a couple of plenty of pointers from Tatum from Timber and Gray who is a Scandi enthusiast.

36. Decorating a Mantel with a TV

It may be a bit counterintuitive but then again, it is the 21st Century after all. Don’t hesitate to decorate your mantle with gourds, wheat stems and other relevant bits of autumn just because your TV is in the middle. Just make sure you don’t include anything that’s too distractive.

37. Burlap Banner Mantel

Sure, pumpkins, gourds, brightly-colored maple leaves, and other elements are a given for a fun, festive event. But you can take it up a notch with some burlap banners hanging over the mantel of your living room.

38. Nature and Cozy Palate Slips Into Fall

Improvising with antique store items can help you fit into the fall season spirit. Items like spindles, DIY wreaths, an old shutter, and white pumpkin among others are enough to make you feel like you’re part of the festive mood.

39. White Details Freshen up Traditional Colors

Being part of the merry fall moments doesn’t mean that you’re mantle should be adorned with genuine items. You can make just as good of an impression with green and blue Fall hydrangea bunches, traditional red and orange beans, ceramic pumpkins and a rustic wooden planter box to seal the deal.

Fall is simply the best time to decorate your house bringing the outside in. From pumpkins in Halloween to dried leaves, these 39 ideas will give you a sense of inspiration to decorate your home.

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