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Four Creative Uses For A Loft Conversion

loft conversion
Written by Shiyamala

There are several tried and tested ways to add space and value to your UK home, and one of those methods is a loft conversion.

A loft conversion allows you to make use of a space in the home that is often completely ignored, so it is worth remembering you can transform it and create a world of possibilities to your attic.

For many people, however, it’s not all about whether they should get a loft conversion, that is a bit of a no-briner for most, but how the will make use of the additional space.

You might consider using the space as a bedroom, which is the most common consideration, but if you can manage without an extra sleeping room, there are other alternative uses of a loft conversion that are more creative and offer greater entertainment such as:

1. A Second Living Room

You can decide to add a second living room within your attic as it will give you a space you will use more often as compared to creating a bedroom. As most modern TV subscriptions allow multi-room viewing, you can relax in your new room watching your favourite programs, while other family members watch what they prefer to see in the main living room.

In addition, you can always create your loft living room in such a way that it can be used as a guest bedroom when and if required.

2. A Reading Room

A loft conversion can provide tranquillity and seclusion, as it is right at the top of the house and therefore devoid of noise from above and usually out of hearing range of the rooms on the lower floors. You can take advantage of that and convert the space into a reading room.

As a large percentage of reading is done on digital devices these days, the loft should provide plenty of space for your hardback and paperbacks, and there are many creative ways you can turn the loft into a miniature library, that would be perfect for a reading fan.

3. Workout room

You can use the loft conversion as a good opportunity to start a fitness room, which is better than using a cold and damp or uninspiring space within your home. The natural light and beauty of an elevated position is a good way to create a workout room that has you raring to go.

4. Office

Lofts are perfect spaces to make a home office because they are high above any outside roads, giving you a quiet working space where you can concentrate and increase productivity in whatever tasks you have at hand.

As the loft is relatively far away from the kitchen, living room, and other rooms that may distract your concentration, working from the top of the home allows you to get some serious work done.

5. Storage

An effective loft conversion can be a good way to store the extra stuff that you do not need in other areas of your home, and the best thing is that you can do so in a fancy way. You could make an elegant walk-in wardrobe or simply install plenty of cupboards and shelves for items you rarely use but do not want to throw out.

In summary, A loft conversion has many uses, and the best thing is that you do not have to spend a lot of money and time to complete the project. Just get a good company to do the job and start enjoying the benefits.

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