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Four Handy Tips To Get Rid of Mice

mice in home
Written by Shiyamala

These little pesky creatures migrate into people’s home in search of shelter, warmth or food. They spread disease and reproduce fast. Mice often cause damage by chewing on books, your kids’ toys and wires, also, defecating on your kitchen counter, clothes, etc.

Not only can they chew through boxes in your pantry, but they can also wreak serious havoc in your home. The bad news is, mice are never just one in the house. If you see one mouse, there is a fat chance that you have more than one. Here are some tips to help you get rid of this problem.


1. Get a mouse trap-

Mousetrap is still very useful. Add a little dab of peanut butter on each spring-loaded trap. That is all you need. The first thing is to figure out where they’re coming from; this is to make sure you are not putting the trap randomly all over the floor. You may end up hurting someone or a pet with it. Also, know their nesting areas. Set your trap around those general areas.

a. Human traps- this particular trap keeps mice alive so you can release them. Mice generally come out to look for food at night. There are a lot of yummy treats to attract mice include cheese and buttered popcorn. Release any mice capture but make sure it at least a mile away from your home. It will be preferable if you don’t release mice in an inhabited environment. Avoid contact with the mice directly (without gloves) to avoid diseases.

2. Get a natural hunter-

I mean a cat. We all know how cat and mouse have being sworn enemies since the beginning of time. Cats love to snack on mice, so getting a cat will be a good idea if no one in your family has a cat allergy. Getting a cat might be the easiest way to get rid of those creatures from your home. Make sure cat litters are out of children’s reach.

3. Make home remedy-

There are a lot of products in your kitchen that is a repellent to mice, and they are safe to use around the house.

a. Peppermint oil – mice hate the smell of this essential oil, and clove oil repels them. Spread cotton balls with the essential oil and put them in their built nest and areas that attract mice like cupboards, drawers, and home entryways. This might not be enough to get rid of them altogether, but it can work in line with other methods.

b. Hot pepper – this is one of the cheapest ways to scare these creatures away from your home. Concentrate hot pepper solution into a spray bottle. Spray this around where mice frequently visit, such as behind cabinets. Make sure to keep from the reach of children.

4. Block entry point-

Once you discover some of their entry access, such place like around the pipes, sink and at the back of the cupboards were there are wires, cover them with duct tape. Sometimes mice may chew their way in, cover up those areas to avoid more mice from coming into your home.

Nonetheless, you can hire the best pest control service near you for fast and effective result.

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