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The Health Benefits of A Firm Mattress Explained

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Written by Shiyamala

Mattresses are significant parts of any household for the primary reason that around a third of a human’s life is spent on a bed. In that case, it helps to be keen and specific on the kind of mattress you buy, so that comfort is your primary focus, next to durability and aesthetic appeal.

While it matters to concentrate on the quality of the material for matters to durability, the most important factor to consider is the support that a mattress can offer you. Support comes in play to take care of your health, particularly on the spinal column region, shoulder, hips, and lumbar region. Below is a comprehensive look at some of the health benefits of buying a firm mattress.

Greater comfort

In comparison to a softer mattress, a firm mattress is more comfortable. At first, it is always the soft surface that wins at the comfort game, but with time, it gives in.

The fact is that all types of mattress soften with time, particularly around the area where the body mass is most of the times, usually in the middle. With firm mattresses, however, it does not soften too much to compress too far like with soft mattresses, which can be uncomfortable. Since it is highly unlikely that you can have too much support, go for a firmer mattress.

Proper spine alignment

The spinal column is a very crucial health factor when it comes to good sleep, and it requires a perfect posture during rest. While a soft mattress may appear to be more comfortable than a firm one, it may not go a long while before it starts sagging at the mid-spine region. A sagging surface is uncomfortable for your body particularly as you change the sleeping positions to compensate for unconventional positions.

The body of a human being has a natural curve to it during sleep, which allows the spinal column to lay comfortably on a surface. A firm mattress, therefore, properly aligns the spine, allowing it to take its natural curve.

Correct weight distribution

As most people run for soft mattresses, they overlook the need for body weight distribution and instead, focus on comfort alone. Without the right weight distribution on a surface, your level of comfort will be short-lived, and it won’t be long before you need a new mattress.

A soft mattress quickly sinks in upon imposing weight on it, which unequally disseminates your body. With such an unequal weight distribution, your joints and are misaligned, which is how you are likely to wake up with aches in different parts of your body. For this reason, be careful to determine a firm mattress, and you can check mattressgenius.com for products that can help with proper weight distribution during sleep.

Improved circulation

The alignment of the body, particularly the spine, has a significant role to play in the circulation of your system. During sleep, you want to ensure that your entire body is resting, and this is only possible if you can reach an optimal circulation.

When laying on a firm mattress, the bones of your body absorb most of the pressure, relieving the stress and tension from your muscles, veins, and arteries. Without much pressure on these areas of your body, your body can focus on relaxing by experiencing proper circulation in your system.

Further, a firm surface ensures that your lower back has adequate support, so it is not collapsing during sleep. With such support, there is room for more oxygen intake during the rest period.

Repair and rejuvenation of the body

During sleep, it is the body’s time to fix itself by repairing, relaxing muscles and rejuvenating. It is during sleep that the human growth hormone is also activated, and the levels of insulin are reduced. All these things are ongoing activities that assure prolonged health status, and without deep sleep, you are missing out on most of them.

Since a firm mattress offers you a balance in your weight alongside proper support, you enjoy deep rest, and your body can concentrate on these other functions, overall, allowing you to lead a healthy life.

Sound sleep and deeper rest

While sleeping on a soft surface, your body will always be half-way awake trying to compensate for the unconventional positions that strain part of your body. It is in such cases where people say they had a restless night.

On the other hand, a firm mattress allows you soundness in sleep and deepness in rest in that not only your spine is adequately supported, but also your limbs, neck, head, among other body parts. When your entire body is covered, you are assured of a good night’s sleep or daytime rest.

Whether you like it or not, the type of mattress you lie on has a direct impact on the state of your health. Still, as conclusive as it may be on the need for a firm mattress, remember to strike a balance between firmness and softness, lest you hurt your spine with a mattress that is too firm and rigid.

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