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Reasons Hello Hendon is Such a Great Place to add to your radar in 2018

Written by Shiyamala

Hello Hendon is an area in North London which has grown its reputation over the years for its value and history. It has a long history of strong cultural identity offering London commuters or residents’ rich experiences and unique combination of comfort and convenience.

It is a perfect location for commuters to other parts of the city with its excellent transport links, lots of suitable housing and amenities. It has lots of historical landmarks which is of more significant interest to people such as the RAF Museum, Welsh harp, Middlesex University, Hendon hall hotel, police training college and brent shopping center.

Why this area of north London should be firmly on your radar


One of the great appeals of living in Hendon is the serene environment, comfort and convenience from city life through ones access to an array of open green spaces. The area valuable access to residents and with the rush groves design, it makes it more appealing to anyone.

It has exclusive properties  with topnotch design and resident have access to different amenities such as the sunny hill park for relaxation during a sunny day, Whipsnade zoo for those who love wildlife encounter. It is a place for couples and families, and with the landscape and attraction it’s getting all over places, it is an ideal place to invest for estate agents.


Hendon has fantastic places for shopping such as shops and mall. While in this area, you can easily pick anything you need in the mall or shops without you having to leave the area. It is a means of ensuring that residents are convenient and comfortable with the lifestyle of the city.

Also, it has cafes, restaurants, and eateries for locals. For sports fans who love football, the Wembley stadium and Allianz Park is just 15 minutes’ drive away. It also has Hendon golf club offers.  It has some other social amenities that make the area fun and exciting to live for residents

Quality of life

Hendon is a very good place to be for families as it is safe, secure and free of violence. It has lakes and rivers where one can relax to enjoy the breeze of the environment.

Quality Education

For families relocating to Hendon, one of the things to consider is your children education, and you have no worries about that. The area had high and respected schools, and colleges with the Hyde School is one of the outstanding school in the city.

For any individual in search for the best education, Middlesex University is one of the best in the city with amazing and convincing history. The education of your kids is in the right hand for Hendon residents.

Transport links

The area has rush grooves which are located on the Edgware road which serves as the perfect route for commuters to move in and out of central London. The whole area is served by tubes, buses, and trains. With the availability of different means of transportation, you can easily get to where you are going to without any fear of traffic and delay.

Golf course

Golf enthusiasts would love to reside where they can easily have access to golf course. Hendon is a perfect area for golf lovers who can’t sacrifice their love for golf for anything else. It hosts lots of local golf courses which you can easily choose any to train and play golf. You have the option to choose from Hendon golf club, Hampstead golf club, Finchley golf club and Mill hill golf club.\


One of the perfect ways to get familiar with the history and get updated with all that is going on around you and those you’ve missed is to go for a picnic in the museum. It is a place where fun and history meets. So you can take your kids out for a picnic to check out the museum. It is one of the reasons Hendon is a perfect place to be for excitement and fun.

In conclusion, are you in search for the best location to reside in the north London? Hello Hendon is just the perfect place to be for you and your family.

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