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How Ethan Conrad Is Putting Sacramento On The Map

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Written by Shiyamala

With so many people leaving the Bay Area for more affordable places like Sacramento, things are rapidly changing in California’s capital. The City of Trees is seeing a surge of new commercial and residential projects, including tech startups, apartment buildings and new businesses of all sizes. But moving an existing business to a new city isn’t always easy.

As new businesses start investing in Sacramento, they might need a helping hand,  and a local  brokerage and property management company called as Ethan Conrad Properties is helping these businesses establish themselves in growing, more competitive market.

Find out how Ethan Conrad is transforming Sacramento for the better.

Why So Many Businesses Are Moving to Sacramento

The Bay Area is now the most expensive place to live in the country thanks to the rise of tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Uber. But with residential and commercial real estate prices soaring in the Bay Area, many companies and their employees are starting to look for cheaper alternatives.

Just 120 miles north, Sacramento offers a range of amenities and resources that can help these companies save money. The city offers a convenient, central location, helping these companies stay close to major urban areas like San Francisco.

The cost of living in Sacramento is also much more affordable than places like Silicon Valley, so new residents don’t have to spend all their money on rent, food, and other basic essentials. Sacramento is also home to major learning institutions like the University of California at Davis and California State University at Sacramento with top-tier talent looking to enter the job market.

Companies can find and attract qualified job candidates and stay connected to academic institutions and grant programs.

How Ethan Conrad Properties Can Help

Moving to a new city can be a challenge, and the first obstacle for a business owner is finding affordable, quality real estate in the Sacramento area. That’s where Ethan Conrad Properties can help.

The company specializes in helping new businesses set up shop in the Greater Sacramento Area. They revitalize older buildings, including retail, office, and industrial spaces, and make them more attractive to new businesses and their employees.

The realty company even has its own in-house construction and maintenance teams who are dedicated to reshaping these properties with the latest architectural and interior design trends in mind.

The company also offers property management services, making sure these new spaces meet the needs of their tenants,. When new businesses move into the area, Ethan Conrad and his talented team of brokers will be there to help them find the space that’s perfectly suited to their needs and wants.

They proactively manage their properties to keep everything running smoothly, making Sacramento an attractive destination for businesses of all types and sizes.

Putting Sacramento On the Map

Thanks to realty companies like Ethan Conrad Properties, Sacramento is growing at a fast pace. New developments are popping up all the time, bringing lots of new faces to the city and spurring all kinds of economic growth.

Ethan Conrad has made a name for himself as one of the most successful commercial real estate agents in the area, with a commercial real estate portfolio of more than 200 properties, the majority of which are located throughout the city.

With an in-house brokerage to address occupancy and leasing rates, this gives them an edge over their competitors that has fueled their climb to the top of Sacramento’s commercial real estate market. Ethan Conrad Properties retains an occupancy rate of 90% of more, making sure Sacramento stays competitive in terms of attracting new businesses.

Ethan Conrad uses a personal touch when dealing with his clients. He focuses on their specific needs during the leasing process, helping them get off the ground as quickly as possible and working diligently to expedite the process so their clients’ businesses will be up and running quickly. His firm is putting Sacramento on the map, turning it into the next Silicon Valley.

Those looking for affordable commercial properties in Sacramento should contact Ethan Conrad Properties for more information.

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