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How Much Does It Cost To Add A Covered Patio?

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Written by Shiyamala

If you are reading this, you must be looking forward to add a cover to patio and extend its lifetime. Patio is playing a major role behind the overall functionality of your home. It can extend the entertainment and living space of the house.

On the other hand, you will be able to introduce lavishness and simplicity of your house with the help of patio as well. In order to get the patio, you are spending a considerable amount of money out of your pocket.

That’s where you should think about covering your patio. Then you will be able to enhance the function of patio and you will be provided with the opportunity to use it for numerous climate and weather conditions. Along with that, you will also be able to use patio for a long period of time.

You will need to pay your attention towards numerous factors at the time of getting a cover to the patio. Cost holds a prominent place out of them.

From this guide, we aim to provide you with a better understanding about the cost associated with covering your patio.

Average cost of getting a patio cover

Most of the people prefer to cover their patio with the help of a roof addition. You can do that with the help of wood patterned aluminum. It is the most cost-effective option available out there to consider. If you go ahead and install a 20 x 20 feet roof, you will have to spend in between $6,000 and $10,000 from the pocket to get the cover installed.

On the other hand, you can think about adding a screen to it as well. This will cost an additional amount of around $3,000 to you. No matter what you purchase as the cover, you need to be buying from a good company.

In case if you go ahead with a wood lattice roof, you will need to spend around $7,000 to $10,000 to get the job done.

If you don’t want to add a roof, you can go ahead and buy the low cost patio covers available out there. Cheapest option available in here for you to consider are traditional patio covers, which you can buy for a price of around $50.

Or else, you can proceed to get the umbrella awnings, which will cost around $400 to $800. People who are looking for a better option will be able to go ahead with mechanical awnings, which will cost around $1,000 to $2,000.

Different types of materials

As you can see, different material options are available for you to consider at the time of constructing a roof to cover your patio. Some of the most prominent materials out of them include stainless steel, regular steel and copper.

However, these options are quite expensive when compared to aluminum sheets. Fiberglass is an effective alternative available to this. You can get fiberglass in the form of translucent sheets. It will provide you with the opportunity to get natural light in with minimum hassle.

If you have the interest to reduce your energy expenses, you can take a look at solar panels as well. It will be a massive upfront expense, but you can think about calling it as an excellent investment. That’s because you will be able to save your energy with solar panels in the long run.

No matter what material you consider for the roof, you need to be extra careful about the weight. In fact, you need to make sure that the patio construction that you already have at home is in a position to withstand additional weight given by the new roof.

Otherwise, you will have to face numerous negative consequences in the long run. Along with that, you should also understand what patio material will match perfectly well with the budget that you have as well.

If you are looking forward to add new walls to the existing construction, you need to decide the roofing material.

Then only you need to proceed with constructing the wall. You need to make sure that the walls and roof are matching perfectly well with each other. It can provide you with the chance to overcome hassle and get the best patio cover added with ease.

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