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How Often Should You Clean Your Curtains?

How Often Should You Clean Your Curtains
Written by Shiyamala

A good aura is sensed only in a clean environment. Even though the house is small, it is the cleanliness that adds to its richness. The blinds that sync with the sunlight brightens the entire room. A dusty curtain with spots of stains looks bad. A shabby curtain can flatten the beauty of the interior décor. They are prone to dust and dirt. Hence if not given a regular cleanup, a replacement will be the only way out. 

Piling up of dirt particles causes damage to the texture of the curtains and further leads to discoloration. It will also lead to unfavorable conditions like dust allergies and the common cold. It will be hard for people who face breathing trouble to cope up in such situations. A common question raised by the people in Brisbane is, “How often should I wash curtains?” Frequent maintenance is a must, never compromise on that! Organizing a house and retaining cleanliness is the duty of all. Clarity on all your queries will be obtained. Your curtains will never lose their shine, provided you keep in mind some pointers mentioned below.

Are You Doubtful of the Frequency of Cleanup?

Prevention is indeed better than cure to a certain extent. Why wait for the last-minute rush? Curtains are generally dust-attractive. They get clumsier very soon. You may be wondering, the last time you got the cleaning done can be just a week ago. Though it is better to give your blinds a brush once a week, the normal time frame for the cleanup is usually between 4-6 months. 

Curtains should be looked after as it serves multiple purposes; starting from security to the enhancement of your beautiful and comfortable space. “How often should I wash curtains?” should no longer be a matter of concern! You may find it hard to multitask; that is, manage both work and home. Get help from well-trained experts who not only save your time but also reduce your burden. You can make sure to reach out to a reputed curtain cleaning company in Brisbane to help you with the process as well. 

 2 Effective Methods For A Bright & Shiny Curtain


Always know the type of fabric of your curtain. Some materials lose their shine and tend to be worn off if washed manually or in the machine. For example, silk is a costly cloth fabric that requires additional care during the cleanup. Research professional cleaning companies and hire them. This lessens your load and ensures that the work is done quickly.


Take the blinds off the rail and put them into the machine. All the stubborn dust particles are then forced to leave the surface thus sustaining the shine and texture. Make it a habit to go through the safety instructions once, to confirm whether it is machine safe.


Your struggle can be reduced by employing a team of experts. They not only ensure security but also get the cleanup done without much time. The dirty curtains are changed into bright ones and it does not require much effort if done by the right team. The dust and stains will be gone forever!

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