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How To Clean Garage Door

Written by Shiyamala

Cleaning your garage door is not probably the task everybody likes to do but should be done, as it can provide other benefits than just keeping your garage door looking nice. For example, it increases the house’s overall value and its warranty. Even with all the benefits, it is still a tedious job, and many people don’t even know how to clean a garage door properly. 

So to help all of you, here are a few things that you should keep in mind while cleaning your garage door.

Few Things That You Will Need To Clean Your Garage Door.

Cleaning Solution

You won’t need any fancy soaps or expensive products to make a good cleaning solution. Instead, all you need is a simple dishwasher soap and warm water. You will mix one cup of dishwasher water with about two gallons of warm water in a big bucket to make the solution. This solution will be good enough to clean your garage door properly.

Non-Corrosive Sponges And Cloths 

The majority of garage doors are sensitive to corrosive tools. Therefore, you should use tools like a soft sponge or soft clothes to prevent damage. After washing, your garage door, you will also need some dry clothes to dry the door.


Garage doors are mostly taller than people, so to reach all the spots of the garage door, you will need a step ladder. A ladder would make it easy to clean the problematic parts of the garage door.

After you have collected these items, you should start cleaning your garage door.

  • It would be best to start cleaning the door by scrubbing the dirty parts of the door using your non-corrosive sponge or cloth. There will be some dirty spots from which it would be challenging to take the dirt out. 

You might also be afraid of damaging the door if you scrub harder. However, there is nothing to be scared of. If some dirt does not come off quickly from the garage door, you should clean it harder. We have a little trick for you if it does not come off.

  • To clean off the stubborn dirt, you will have to use bleach and water mixture. The ideal mix would contain one cup of bleach with one gallon of water. You will have to use this solution in small amounts and be careful. If you overdo it, your garage door could be damaged.
  • If your house has a wooden garage door, a proper clean would probably have some minor erosion. There is no need to panic if this happens, as all it would need would be a fresh coat of paint or fine finishing over the eroded parts.

Things That You Should Strictly Avoid While Washing Your Garage Door

There may be a lot of other ways that you can clean your garage door. Some can even be a lot easier than the simple method we provided. However, many of them can be dangerous and damage your garage door.

Don’t mix bleach with cleaning solution.

Bleach should not be mixed with other chemicals as it is highly unsafe. The bleach mixture and the cleaning solution can affect the garage door’s quality. It can also degrade the quality of the cleaning solution itself. Hence, as previously told, you should only use Bleach to get rid of the toughest stains, and it should be used in significantly fewer amounts.

Pressure washers are a big NO!

Using a pressure washer should never come to mind while cleaning your garage door. A pressure washer can harm your garage door by affecting its sturdiness. It’s always better to use a hose with gentle water pressure to clean.

Sometimes a garage door can rust due to dirt, salt, and water. Cleaning a rusted door is a more significant challenge than cleaning a regular dirty door, but we have a few tips that will help you out.

Restoring an Oxidized Garage Door:

  • First, you should wash and clean the door properly.
  • Then, make a mixture of white vinegar and water and use a ball of steel wool to scrub the rusted area.
  • Then, you should apply medium-grit sandpaper to the door.
  • After that, paint it with a coat of primer that contains zinc chromate.
  • In the end, apply a coat or two of rust-resistant paint.

Bottom Line

Finally, if you still need some more garage door tips, we suggest that you approach Elite Garage Door and Gate Company. Their professionals are excellent at their job, and they will be able to provide you with the best garage door tips to improve your curb appeal

Author Bio: Ran Kroynish is an experienced handyman who’s been working for Elite Garage Door & Gate Repair for 10 years. When he’s not fixing garage doors, he likes to share his repair ideas and knowledge with others.

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