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5 Improvement Tips For Your Home This Summer

home improvement tips for summer
Written by Shiyamala

For many, summer is the time for road trips, BBQ’s and lazing by the beach. As a homeowner, this is the perfect time to complete any home improvements you filed away during the cold season. As we turn the calendar to a new month, don’t let this summer slip by without making some improvements to your home.

We have gathered a list of some handy home improvement tips that you need to put on your to-do list this summer.

While some of the improvement tips are DIY repair projects, some are a bit technical and require the help of a professional.

Home Improvement tips for this summer

1.  Ditch your old ceiling fans

Ditch your old ceiling fans

Summer is the best time to upgrade your ceiling fans. Some months this summer will become way too hot to stay comfortable indoors. You need to find a way to keep your house cool and improve the air circulation in the house. Upgrading your ceiling fans, not only improves the air circulation in the house but also helps you cut your energy costs.   

2. Repaint


Painting is an easy way to give your home a new fresh look and add to your home’s curb appeal. If you are tired with the outdated color, summer is the best time to repaint your home.

Using bright colors such as yellow, white or orange can keep your home cooler. When painting, ensure the surfaces you will be working on don’t get too hot. You can do this by painting early in the morning or evening when the temperatures are lower. This will improve the quality of your paint job and hasten the drying process.

3. Maintain your air conditioning

Maintain your air conditioning

There’s nothing as important as having a functioning air conditioner during summer. Before temperatures reach their peak, do a maintenance check on your AC unit to make sure it is in good condition.

As you will have your AC running more frequently this summer period, it is wise to have the air filters replaced at least once every month. Get a reputable HVAC technician to assist you in replacing your air filters and ensuring the general maintenance of your AC unit.

4. Clean your gutters

Clean your gutters

Whenever summer storms hit, they deposit your gutters with leaves, bugs, and dirt. This can leave your gutters clogged or worse, broken.

To avoid this you need to clean up your gutter often. All you need is a bucket, a sturdy ladder, and a pair of gloves. Use your gloves to scope out debris from the gutters, placing it in the bucket. Clean your gutters further by pouring in water using a hose pipe to remove any bugs and dirt left behind.

You can, however, eliminate the need to clean your gutters by using gutter protection. Installing gutter protection will help you avoid the dangers of having to climb a ladder and most importantly, keep leaves and debris from your gutters.

5. Have your windows tinted

With the hot sun glaring, window tints are one of the best home improvements you can make this summer. For rooms that get hot from direct sunlight install a window tint to keep them cooler. Window tints help reflect the sun’s UV rays which reduces summer heat.

Window tints are also quite important in obscuring rooms from view. They are therefore a great way to deal with any privacy concerns you might have.


Get the most out of this summertime with these home improvement tips. When done right, they will help you prepare for the soaring temperatures and keep you summer-ready.

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