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5 Interesting Dining Room Design Ideas To Try

Dining Room Design Ideas
Written by Shiyamala

Create a space that makes you not just want to eat in, but also spend time talking and sitting with friends and family – with our 5 great ideas.

Most homes don’t feature a separate dining space, what with people’s busy schedules preventing them from eating their meals together. But it is an integral part of the house, and your home can feature spectacular dining room décor that invites every person to sit there when they eat.

Here’s how to decorate the dining room with some interesting ideas:

1 A dining table that blends in, but stands out.

If your dining table is part of the open plan of your living room, then it must blend in with the rest of the furniture. For instance, if the living room furniture is made of dark oakwood, then the dining table and chairs must also be made of the same material and colour (particularly in a moderately-sized living room). But you can distinguish the dining room décor from the living room one – fit a dining table in the same shade of dark oak, but in a smaller frame. Or you can have a completely different colour of oak wood for the dining table and chairs, so that the space becomes a standout.

2 A kitchen island that doubles up as a dining table.

Some living rooms and kitchens have an open plan, where both merge into each other to give the illusion of a large space. Functionality is key in an open plan. You could use the kitchen work top as a dining space – add stowaway benches on two sides to add a casual but intimate air to the setting. Or you can have a high dining counter with bar stools if the house has just a couple of occupants.

3 A different floor plan just for the dining space.

Here’s an easy and fun dining room design idea – have a different floor plan for it. Try a raised floor for the dining area, or a row of tall plants on one side to cut off the space from the living room. If you have a separate dining room, then you can have a minimalist design for the space if the rest of the house is opulently crafted.

4 Let there be light!

Light is an integral part of dining room décor, and you can have a lot of fun with it. From a stunning chandelier to light up a large table, to a series of coloured overhanging lamps, there are many ways to accentuate the dining space. Try an eye-catching light fixture or a large bay window that floods the space with light during the day time.

5 Accessorise with a cabinet or pull-away shelf.

Dining room design must be self-contained – you shouldn’t have to walk to the kitchen every time you need a plate or a spoon. Here’s a dining room décor idea for accessorising the space: add a couple of shelves on the wall next to the dining table to hold all the crockery or cutlery. Colour the shelves a different colour to set them apart. Or add a tall cabinet with shutters to hold all the dining table essentials.

What do you think of these ideas? Adding your own touches can make your dining room one of the most interesting areas of your home.

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