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Interior Decorating Ideas On a Budget – Home Interior Trends in 2022

Interior Decorating Ideas On a Budget
Written by Shiyamala

I am going to give you a sprinkling of interior decorating ideas on a a budget and items that you can add to your interior, to give it that world of difference and uniqueness, and hopefully get your creative juices going.

I will describe interior decorating ideas that you won’t see in your local furniture or department store, but will give your home a wow factor because they’re different, never seen before and most importantly they can be made or decorated by yourself. I won’t be touching on anything structural or building work of any sort, just purely giving you some exciting interior decorating ideas to complete your interior decorating. I guess what I am saying you don’t have to be an interior designer to decorate your home!

Why Should You Do Interior Decoration On a Budget

Quite often when you are doing a major renovation on your home or building a new home, you can’t wait for it to be completed. But, by that time, you are usually so exhausted with all the hassles of completion that your mind doesn’t relate to the interior decorating needs, which of course, are the most important part of completing your home or Pflugerville apartment , to make it comfortable and suitable for your lifestyle.

Starting with the two basics of home interior decorating, firstly – establish your style, one that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Secondly- find inspiration, this is something we all need to do. If you haven’t already, start tearing out magazine images, print out furniture pieces from the internet and check fashion magazines – they often put together colour combinations that you may never have thought of before.

Try developing a mood board, which is a miniature trial version of the big picture you’re trying to create. This is where all the images from magazines are really important, because you can paste them on to mood boards to get a picture of what you would like. The mood boards are always good for paint colours, because you change the colours to adapt to the furniture images. Doing a mood board is great fun! And, if you are in doubt, it gives you a clearer picture of what you are looking for.

Top 10 Interior Decorating Ideas On a Budget

Painting Ideas On a Budget

This is one of the first and most crucial decisions you make when you start to decorate on a budget. Choose carefully, and choose colours to suit your lifestyle and of course to fit in with your furniture ideas. There are the neutral colours including whites, beige and creams, and then there are the wild colourful palettes ranging from cool blues to warm reds and oranges. There is an opinion out there that people tire of bright colours very quickly. I use bright colours all the time, so I disagree. I find bright colours invigorating, but it is a personal choice.

A great idea if you can’t commit to all your walls being the same colour is to work the colour in a different way through thick stripes. Vertical stripes create more height, horizontal stripes increase the width. It is so easy to do, it is just a matter of painting a good base coat in the colour of your choice and measuring the stripes across the wall with masking tape to determine the width of the stripe (I recommend the stripes be even in width). Mask in the areas/stripes where you want the base coat to be highlighted, and paint the other areas the colour of your choice. For a dramatic effect, black and white on one wall looks quite stunning – or for a nautical effect – blue and white – or for a fresh look – deep yellow and white is very refreshing and gives your room a real summery look.

Dining Room Decor Ideas with Low Budget

A great and different look for a dining room is, instead of having chairs all the same to match the dining table, why not have a wooden table in teak or oak or any other light wood? The chairs are wooden too, but they are painted all different colours eg. red, green, orange, yellow, blue, turquoise. There is your dining room with a difference – all you need is a vase of bright coloured flowers on your dining table to complete the look.

Do you have furniture that doesn’t work with your new interior? Can’t afford to throw the furniture out? The colour is wrong and paint doesn’t adhere to the surface?

Well, I have the solution to this problem. Cover your furniture with neutral coloured hessian fabric, allow to dry and paint over the hessian with paint. I’ve used white paint in this fashion on old furniture and the amount of admiring comments I’ve received is incredible.

Library in a Box

Instead of having a wall of shelves or cabinets to store your books, why not build separate boxes and make a feature of them on one wall? Paint them different colours to work in with your colour scheme.

Lighting Ideas Within The Budget

There are many shapes and sizes for ceiling lighting and they are mostly quite boring. A clever way of disguising uninteresting lighting is to take a small, sawn-off dried branch and lots of small branches. Place them over or around the light fitting (depending structure supporting the lights), so the light is filtering through the branches. I have done this over a dining room table. It gives a great ambience to the room, looks good and doesn’t cost anything!

Another idea for lighting is to add different types of fabric to lampshades that need a lift. Use colours in the fabric to work in with the colour scheme of the room. Fabric can be glued, tied and knotted or completely covering the shade.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors make a tremendous difference in any room of your home. To make a mirror look a little different, glue a whole lot of twigs on to the frame (the twigs can be purchased from craft stores). The end result has a real earthy feel, just by replacing the usual formal frame around a mirror.

Low Budget Wall Hangings Ideas

Typically, paintings are hung on walls, but you can achieve something different by placing your favourite piece of fabric (to match in with the colours in the room) behind glass in the style of frame of your choice. Another choice of wall hanging is large canvases painted abstract style, with colours to co-ordinate with the room decor – or be bold and use contrasting colours. For something quite different, what about selecting four pieces of palm tree husks in similar sizes and play around with a design you like – or you could display one large piece along the wall, parallel to the ground. For a beach side effect, glue twigs and sticks to a large canvas, bringing elements of the natural textures of the beach and sand. Paint a large canvas and turn it into a clock by adding the clock components. The clock components can be bought at craft stores.

Bed Heads On a Budget

We all know that buying new bed heads is quite costly, so my alternative solution is to look for an old door (at home or from a demolition yard). Lay the door horizontally, cover it with thick padding and then cover with the fabric of your choice, preferably a fabric that has some stretch in it, as this makes it easier to handle. The fabric can be glued or stapled, but I find stapling is more secure.

A Very Quirky Idea

Hot foot it to your local discount or variety store and pick up several pairs of cheap rubber thongs or flip-flops, or better still ask all your friends if they will give you their used thongs. I’m sure they will gladly part with them. About 10 to 12 pairs would be enough.

Buy a canvas

About 1 metre x 30cm – place the thongs side by side and let some overhang outside the canvas. When you’re happy with the layout, use a strong glue to attach them to the canvas. When the glue is dry, using a spray gun or pressure pack of acrylic paint, spray until all thongs are completely covered. I did mine in white, because it suited the theme I was creating in my beach house. It looks amazing on the wall and definitely has a wow factor!

In conclusion, the ideas I have given you are just a sprinkling of ideas you can use to create something very different and unique for your home. You don’t need to take out a bank mortgage to decorate your home, as some of the ideas I’ve given you are very inexpensive but very effective and – most importantly – very rewarding to create yourself.

I have many, many more interior decorating ideas on a budget to talk about, and one day I’ll write a book about them, but in the meantime – good luck with your decorating and I hope this article has got your imagination going.

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