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Kitchen Appliances for the Busy Home Cook: Time-Saving Tips and Tricks

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Written by Shiyamala

Time-Saving Tips and Tricks

Kitchen appliances are essential tools for any home cook, but for busy individuals, time-saving appliances can be a game-changer. With the hectic pace of modern life, many people are looking for ways to make cooking and meal prep more efficient. Multi-cookers, bread machines, and instant pots have become increasingly popular in recent years as a solution to this problem. These appliances can save busy home cooks time and effort in the kitchen while still allowing them to enjoy delicious homemade meals. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using multi-cookers, bread machines, and instant pots for busy home cooks and provide tips and tricks for making the most of these time-saving tools. Whether you’re a busy professional, a busy parent, or just someone who wants to spend less time in the kitchen, this post will show you how to make the most of these versatile appliances. 

Bread Machines

Bread machines are kitchen appliances that are designed to simplify the process of making homemade bread. They are compact, easy to use, and can make a wide variety of breads, including white bread, whole wheat bread, French bread, and more. With a bread machine, you can have fresh bread with minimal hands-on time.Read about more bread machines reviews

A bread machine is essentially a small oven that is specifically designed to make bread. It typically has a mixing bowl, a kneading paddle, and a heating element. You simply add the ingredients to the machine, select the type of bread you want to make, and the machine does the rest. It will mix, knead, rise, and bake the bread for you.

Types of bread that can be made in a bread machines

When it comes to bread machines, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few examples of different types of bread that can be made in a bread machine:

  • White bread: White bread is a classic and a staple in many households. Bread machines make it easy to make a variety of white breads, from basic white bread to more elaborate varieties like garlic bread or herb bread.
  • Whole wheat bread: Whole wheat bread is a great option for those looking for a healthier alternative to white bread. Bread machines can make a variety of whole wheat breads, including 100% whole wheat bread, whole wheat and white bread blends, and even whole wheat sourdough bread.
  • Gluten-free bread: Gluten-free bread can be challenging to make from scratch, but with a bread machine, it’s easy to make a variety of gluten-free breads. From basic gluten-free white bread to more elaborate varieties like gluten-free sourdough bread, a bread machine makes it easy to enjoy delicious gluten-free breads.
  • Dessert breads: With a bread machine, you can also make sweet breads like banana bread, pumpkin bread, and even zucchini bread.Read more about best bread machine reviews

Here are some tips on how to use a bread machine for best results

  1. Properly measure ingredients: Using the correct amount of ingredients is crucial for making successful bread. Make sure to measure ingredients accurately and follow the recipe closely.
  2. Use fresh ingredients: Using fresh ingredients like yeast and flour will result in a better-tasting bread.
  3. Experiment with different ingredients: Try adding different ingredients to your bread like nuts, dried fruits, or seeds for added flavor.
  4. Use the right type of yeast: For bread machines, it’s recommended to use active dry yeast. Make sure to check the expiration date on the yeast package, and store it in a cool, dry place.
  5. Choose the right bread machine: Consider the size of your household and the types of bread you want to make when choosing a bread machine. Some machines have a larger capacity, while others have a variety of settings for different types of bread.

Overall,a bread machine can be a great time-saving tool for busy home cooks. With a variety of types of bread that can be made with a bread machine, it’s an easy way to enjoy fresh homemade bread with minimal hands-on time. By following the tips and choosing the right bread machine for your needs, you can enjoy delicious homemade breads with ease.


Multi-cookers, also known as all-in-one cookers or multi-cookers, have become increasingly popular in recent years as a time-saving solution for busy home cooks. These versatile appliances can do the work of several kitchen tools, such as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, sauté pan, and more. With the ability to cook multiple dishes at once and the option to set a delay timer, multi-cookers make it easy for busy individuals to prepare delicious homemade meals with minimal hands-on time.

Time-saving benefits of using a multi-cooker

One of the key benefits of using a multi-cooker is the ability to cook multiple dishes at once. With a multi-cooker, you can sauté ingredients, pressure cook a main dish, and slow cook a side dish all at the same time. This can save you a significant amount of time and effort compared to using multiple kitchen tools. Additionally, multi-cookers often come with a delay timer function, which allows you to set the cooker to begin cooking at a later time. This is perfect for busy individuals who need to have dinner ready when they get home from work or have other commitments.

Multi-cookers are also incredibly versatile in terms of the types of dishes that can be made in them. From soups and stews to rice dishes and even desserts, the possibilities are endless. Two popular dishes that can be made in a multi-cooker include:

  • Soups and stews: Multi-cookers are great for making soups and stews as they allow you to sauté ingredients and pressure cook the dish all in one pot. This saves time and effort compared to using a separate pan for sautéing and a separate pot for pressure cooking.
  • Rice dishes: Multi-cookers can also be used to make a variety of rice dishes, such as risotto, paella, and jambalaya. The pressure cook function is particularly useful for making perfectly cooked rice dishes.

Here are some tips for using a multi-cooker:

  1. Sautéing: To sauté ingredients before pressure cooking, select the “sauté” function on your multi-cooker. Add a small amount of oil or butter to the pot, and allow it to heat up. Then, add your ingredients, such as onions or garlic, and cook until they are softened and lightly browned.
  2. Browning meat: To brown meat before pressure cooking, use the “sauté” or “brown” function to sear the meat in small batches. This will help to seal in the juices and add flavor to the dish.
  3. Pressure cooking: Once you have sautéed or browned your ingredients, you can switch to the pressure cooking function. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct amount of liquid to add, and the recommended cooking time for your specific dish.
  4. Release pressure: Once the pressure cooking time is finished, allow the pressure to release naturally or use the quick release function, depending on your recipe.
  5. Adjust seasoning: Before serving, taste your dish and adjust the seasoning as needed with salt, pepper, or other herbs and spices..

By following these tips, you can use your multi-cooker to create delicious, flavorful meals with minimal effort.

 Instant Pots

An Instant Pot is a multi-functional, programmable electric pressure cooker that can help busy home cooks save time in the kitchen. With the ability to cook dishes quickly and the option to set a delay timer, an Instant Pot is a versatile kitchen appliance that can be used for a variety of dishes.

One of the biggest benefits of using an Instant Pot is its ability to cook dishes quickly. For example, a pot roast that would typically take hours to cook on the stovetop can be done in a fraction of the time in an Instant Pot. This is because the Instant Pot uses pressure cooking to speed up the cooking process. The pressure inside the pot helps to trap steam and increase the temperature, which cooks food faster.

Another benefit of using an Instant Pot is the option to set a delay timer. This allows you to start the cooking process at a later time, so your meal will be ready when you come home from work or errands. This feature is especially useful for dishes that take a long time to cook, like a pot roast or chili.

Few examples of dishes that can be made in an Instant Pot

  • Chili: Chili is a classic dish that can be made quickly and easily in an Instant Pot. Simply brown the meat, add the rest of the ingredients, and let the Instant Pot do the rest.
  • Macaroni and cheese: Macaroni and cheese is a comfort food that can be made quickly and easily in an Instant Pot. Simply add the pasta, cheese, and milk to the Instant Pot and let it do the rest.
  • Pulled pork: Pulled pork is a delicious and versatile dish that can be made quickly and easily in an Instant Pot. Simply add the pork, seasonings, and liquid to the Instant Pot and let it do the rest.

Tips on how to use an Instant Pot

  1. Read the manual: Before using your Instant Pot, make sure to read the manual thoroughly. This will help you understand the different features and settings, and how to use them safely.
  2. Start with simple recipes: Start by trying simple recipes like soups, stews, and chili to get a feel for how the Instant Pot works. As you become more comfortable with the appliance, you can try more complex recipes.
  3. Use the right amount of liquid: The Instant Pot requires a certain amount of liquid to build pressure, so make sure to use the right amount of liquid for the recipe. A general rule of thumb is to use at least 1 cup of liquid for most recipes.
  4. Use the correct cooking time and pressure settings: The Instant Pot has different cooking time and pressure settings for different types of dishes. For example, a high-pressure setting is best for meats, while a low-pressure setting is best for delicate foods like fish and vegetables. Make sure to use the correct settings for the recipe you’re making.
  5. Release pressure properly: Before opening the Instant Pot lid, make sure to release the pressure properly. You can use the natural release method or the quick release method, depending on the recipe..
  6. Clean the Instant Pot: Clean your Instant Pot after each use to ensure that it’s ready for your next recipe. You can use the Instant Pot’s self-cleaning feature or wash it by hand.
  7. Experiment with different recipes: To make the most of your Instant Pot, take the time to learn about its different features and settings and experiment with different recipes. With the right techniques and tips, you can make the most of your Instant Pot and enjoy delicious and convenient meals every day.


Kitchen appliances such as multi-cookers, bread machines, and instant pots are a great option for busy home cooks looking to save time in the kitchen. These appliances offer a variety of time-saving benefits and can be used to make a wide variety of dishes. We encourage readers to try out these appliances for themselves and discover how they can make cooking more efficient and enjoyable.

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