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6 Kitchen Remodel Ideas To Inspire You

Kitchen Remodel Ideas To Inspire You
Written by Shiyamala

The kitchen is often a focal point of a home. The family gathers there after work and school. Guests hang around the kitchen during a party, even when you tell them to go to the living room. People love being near the food and the activity in the kitchen.

The kitchen is a great place to invest your money and time during a home improvement. You can make it warm, inviting, efficient, and easy to use. Here are six kitchen remodel ideas and Reliable Products that can get you thinking in new ways about your kitchen design.

6 Kitchen Remodel Ideas

1. Concealed and Disguised Lighting

Designers today use combinations of two or more types of lighting in kitchens. For example, you can start with a line of three pendant lights over a rectangular kitchen or island. Then, you can add LED lights to the underside of cupboards. For more atmosphere, you can conceal lighting under other cabinets, under work surfaces, and in light channels in plasterboard.

2. The Smart Kitchen

Smart appliances may soon be standard, so think about installing the latest ones during your home improvement project. Some kitchen appliances are wifi enabled. You can put in a touchscreen, which also responds to voice commands, to display recipes and control your music and lighting. How would you like a faucet that gives chilled, sparkling, or boiling water with a button push? Another exciting option is a steam oven and vacuum drawer that speeds up and enhances cooking.

3. Industrial Look

Industrial designs can be functional, spacious, and enjoyable to use. You can make doors and cabinets look like concrete using a finishing spray. Other industrial features can include metal frame storage racks, black grip ledge handles, exposed pipes, and heavy metal. A ladder and a blackboard can make your kitchen more like a workshop.

4. Open Shelving

Open shelving can replace the upper cabinets of a kitchen. These shelves can show off beautiful dishes, instead of hiding them. Try adding open wooden shelving to a farmhouse style kitchen with a white tile backsplash, a variety of white dishes and growing herbs on the shelves, exposed glass storage jars, and black metal lamps.

5. Banquette Seating

You can make a kitchen dining booth intimate, cozy, and not cramped. Make it your own with family art on the surrounding walls, bold wallpaper, and colorful upholstery. It can be efficient with built-in storage to. Banquette seating doesn’t limit you: you can use your booth, a traditional dinner table, and island seating all at once during a large gathering.

6. Herringbone Features

The herringbone design is a twist on traditional linear patterns, which can stand out or be subtle. You can lay hardwood floors in a herringbone pattern to add a warm element to stainless steel cabinets and marble countertops. You can make a backsplash out of brightly-colored herringbone tiles to enhance a rustic kitchen or use gray herringbone tiles to contrast with brightly-colored cabinetry.

Finance a Kitchen Remodel

Some contractors offer financing for home improvement and kitchen remodel projects. They can refer you to a bank, which actually takes your personal information and creates the loan. You could get an unsecured, fixed-interest loan and not have to make payments for up to 24 months.

Financing can help you start your home improvement project right away, instead of waiting to save up cash for it. Paying for your whole project all at once lets you lock in today’s prices on appliances and materials. Plus, some homeowners find it easier to pay a monthly loan bill than to deposit cash into a savings account for a someday-when-we-can-get-to-it project.

Do you want to start on a kitchen remodel project today? If you’re considering different contractors, you could ask them all if they offer financing. If any don’t, you could eliminate them. That’ll make your search easier and help you get the kitchen of your dreams faster.

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