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Learn How to Sell Your Home Fast and Easy

Written by Shiyamala

It is absolutely essential to work out exactly how to sell your home fast during such a bad property market. The quicker you sell, the higher your profit will be. It’s also important to note that sales strategies of the past simply don’t work anymore. A fresh approach is needed, and this article helps you make the first steps.

Don’t Drop Your Price

First of all, there is no need to drop your price to unreasonable levels in order to sell your house fast. You’re far better off going for something just under market value, but not undercutting your property value too much. By advertising below market value you’ll get a massive initial spike of hot traffic to your house. This will mean buyers competing with each other, therefore getting you higher bids!

Minimise Your Property’s Weak Points

Now is the time to fix up any cracked tiles, uneven floorboards, wall stains, broken electrical circuits, etc.. Many sellers don’t do this, which means your house will be the one that people remember. Also think about replacing any old fashion light fixtures. Remove as much of your furniture as possible to give that airy and open atmosphere that is so popular at the moment. There are literally hundreds of other things you can do to boost your home’s appeal, so be creative!

Don’t Mention The Financial Crisis!

Every serious buyer on the current market knows how desperate you are to sell. They know that the value of your home has fallen through the floor, and they know they’ve got the upper hand. It’s up to you to be calm, confident, and not overly desperate in your dealings with your prospects. Try to give off the impression that you’ve been unaffected by the credit crunch, and that you’re “just unloading a couple of properties”.

Secret Method to Sell Your House Faster

Even though the economy is bad, there are still plenty of strategies in which to sell your house faster. Just because people generally have less cash to splash, it doesn’t mean they’re any less susceptible to good marketing. This article outlines a powerful, non-mainstream sales strategy that will have your house sold within 3 weeks!

Step 1 – Boost Perceived Property Value

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to increase the value of your home. In fact, value is all about perception. These days a house can go up $10,000 in price just because the pool water is solar heated! Here is a list of small things you can do to boost the value of your house quickly and easily:

– Replace cracked tiles, broken floorboards, chipped walls, etc.
– Buy new door handles and cupboard knobs (IKEA is your friend).
– Decorate your bathroom to give a seductive atmosphere (scented soaps, candles, etc).
– Clean your kitchen from top to bottom, including inside the cupboards and drawers.

Step 2 – Tweak Your Advertising Campaign

Marketing is the most important aspect to selling any product or service. Make sure to use the internet in addition to print media publications. When writing your sales copy, include strong calls-to-action like “move into this beautiful home today”. You want to go for urgency, but not desperation. Don’t use the N-word (negotiable) when talking about price. confidence and creativity is key!

Step 3 – Get Your Prospects Competing

The single best way to get a quick, high offer for a house is to make your prospective buyers feel pressured. I don’t mean that you should pressure them directly, rather they should get the impression that there is a lot of competition for your house. This means keeping your asking price as low as possible and making your buyers aware of each other. Consider holding an open house event so that they can all see what they’re up against!

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