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10 Life Hacks To Hide Wires And Tech

Life Hacks To Hide Wires And Tech
Written by Shiyamala

Electrical wirings are essential components of a building’s electrical system. It powers up lighting fixtures and appliances for a more comfortable office or home living.

However, there are times when electrical wiring can be a problem in interior decorating. Cords hanging around the wall or ceiling or down the floor create a messy look around your place.

Improper wiring placements pose safety risks

Improper placement or installations of wires or cables can be more than a simple aesthetic problem. Wiring extensions on floors can be the cause of tripping hazards which result in injuries. For occupant’s safety, always be mindful of how you arrange your wiring connections.

Make it a point to call in electrical experts when it comes to wiring problems you can no longer handle and which poses potential safety risks.

Try these 10 life hacks to hide wires and tech:

1. Make use of a basket to store your cords or small appliances.

Make a practice to recycle empty containers around your home or office such as baskets. Instead of throwing them away, you can actually make good use of them as a storage of your unsightly cords and routers. When your extension cables are not in use, keep them inside the basket to avoid clutter.

Small appliances like shredders also make a good fit in a basket. This way, you can readily use the appliance anytime and avoid the hassle of taking them out of the cupboard every time you need them.

To make your storage basket blend in with your interior, cover them up for a more decorative look or you can hide them under the table or at the back of the TV set.

2. Create a customized box charging station.

Phone chargers can add up to the clutter in your space. It can also cause accidents when someone trips over them. Creating your own charging station for your mobile devices will keep your home or office neat and in order.

Style a shoebox or file box or shop for one that has a more presentable look. Cut or punch holes in the box for the chargers. When the box is ready, place the extension cables and loop them accordingly to their designated holes.

3. Make use of drawers located near power outlets.

If you have drawers located near power outlets, use them to solve your decor worries. Connect the wires from behind drawers, so it stays out of sight. Inside drawers, you may hide your printers or organize a charging station for mobile devices.

4. Keep your computer wiring in place by using adhesive hooks.

An easy way to keep messy desktop wiring out the working table is using adhesive hooks. There are a variety of adhesive hooks available in stores for your specific needs.

Attached the hooks under the table or line them neatly along the table’s back frame. If there are excess wires, role them neatly where no one can see them. For hanging a desktop filing basket, a bigger hook like a teacup hook will be useful.

5. Hide wire between carpet and baseboard.

This is perhaps the easiest way to hide wires that run along floors. This wire-concealing technique is ideal for rooms with wall-to-wall carpet. To push wire under the baseboard, avoid using sharp objects that might cut the wire. A paint stir stick or ruler is ideal.

6. Cover up unsightly wires with plastic coverings.

To hide electrical wirings for water heaters or lighting fixtures along walls or ceilings, there is a wide range of plastic coverings you can use.

Run the material along the wall to cover wirings for TV, computer, lampshades, and other appliances. Plastic coverings can also be painted to match your wall or ceiling’s aesthetics.

7. Try using a cord cover.

If you can’t simply hide your electrical wiring behind objects, you can always make use of a cord cover.

Cord covers come in a wide range of colors, pick one that matches your walls or ceilings to camouflage the cords. Electrical cord covers are available online or at your local hardware store. For a custom fit, try finding a paintable cover.

8. A cable bin will make a stylish wiring storage unit.

Cable bins are becoming popular among students and working professionals. They appear as sleek trash that can easily go with your room design. A practical yet stylish storage unit for all your nearby cables and surge protectors.

9. Conceal wiring with crown molding.

Compared to plastic covers, concealing wires using crown molding involves a more tricky process and may require the help of professionals. However, it’s sure to give you a more appealing and classy wall appearance. Crown molding is an ideal option if you have a brick wall instead of drywall.

10. Install access doors to hide wires.

Among the wire concealing techniques mentioned on this list, the use of access doors is the most practical and effective. An access door does not only hide ugly home or office wiring, but it also provides easy access to this component during inspections, repairs or replacements.

There is a wide array of door sizes, designs, and materials available for installations in different wall surfaces, whether indoor or outdoor.

Ask help from experts for major wiring problems

While a DIY task is fun and fulfilling, it may not be a safe option when you’re dealing with electrical components such as wires or cables. Always prioritize the overall safety of your commercial or residential property by asking help from licensed and experienced professionals.

Access panel installation should also be dealt in the same manner unless you are a trained and experienced contractor. A proper and quality installation ensures a durable and long-term equipment use.

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