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5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look More Luxurious

luxury bedroom design
Written by Shiyamala

Even if it’s just while you sleep, wouldn’t it be amazing to feel like you’re living a luxe life? Updating key aspects of your bedroom can help your sleeping space look and feel more luxurious than ever before.

Start with the Art

Find a big painting or piece of art that really speaks to you and put it in a spot in the room that will draw your eye as a statement piece. You can also center your design and color scheme around this piece. Find art that features few colors and simple shapes that creates an upscale art gallery feel to your bedroom.

Change the Color Scheme

Changing the color scheme can make your room feel newer and updated. You could try using a monochrome design focusing on a shade of colors—for example just use gray, black and white in the room. This can make your room feel more deliberate and thought out. Whatever colors you choose, remaining in the neutral color spectrum keeps your space stylized and sleek. You might want to also do different colors for the walls and ceiling to add some dimension.

Switch the Bedding

It’s not just about a higher thread count on your sheets, it’s about the look too! Higher quality bedding will not only make your sleep time more comfortable, but it will also add value to the room.

Do some research and buy nice, soft sheets that last after multiple washes. While you’re at it, find a sleek modern duvet cover that maintains its color and shape over time. Add some striking throw pillows to add dimension and texture to the bed. Choose pillows that match the room but add a different flair—maybe it’s a different fabric or it has some nice, well-placed tassels on the edges of the pillow.

Add a Canopy

A canopy bed is the epitome of luxury. Adding a canopy to your bed can completely revolutionize your bedroom. If it’s not feasible, getting a nice headboard can do the trick too. Padded or tufted ones are a beautiful addition to the bed, or the sleek wooden ones can be versatile to be dressed up as needed.

Bring in Stylized Furniture

Don’t just buy the cheapest, most utilitarian dresser or nightstand. Take your time to find one that adds value to your room. You can shop around or check different furniture stores online to find the right one that fits the style you’re trying to attain.

And if you don’t have curtains in your bedroom, get them! Hang them higher and wider than the window and make sure they nearly touch the floor. This makes the room feel bigger and finding some fancy-looking ones adds so much posh to the room with this simple change.

Spending your money where it counts makes a big difference. Take time and do your research on which furniture, decor, and other pieces you pick out. Make your bedroom feel deliberate by picking out a color scheme beforehand and picking a few signature pieces that will draw your eye in the room. And have fun with it!

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