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Top 5 Ways to Market Yourself as a New Real Estate Agent

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Written by Shiyamala

If you’ve just acquired a real estate license and you’re now ready to sell, you still have to prepare yourself for the task. How will you attract leads, and what are your plans for getting listings?

To answer the above questions, you need to develop a checklist of promotional activities that will put your face and name at the forefront as a go-to real estate agent. By creating a marketing plan, you’ll already be several steps ahead of other salespeople in the field. Therefore, develop a marketing plan before you do anything else.

How to Market Yourself as a Realtor

If you’re not quite sure yet how to market yourself as a realtor, use the following suggestions to get started. Once you start implementing your plan, everything will eventually fall into place. 

1. Use Real Estate Farming and Postcards to Generate Leads

As a new real estate agent, the term “real estate farming” may sound confusing. What does anything “agricultural” have to do with getting leads? However, “farming,” in this case, has “everything” to do with getting leads as the term refers to “growing” your real estate business.

The primary way to farm leads is to use postcards, as it is both time-efficient and effective. Plus, you can farm real estate using postcards in several ways. 

Use postcards to announce just-listed houses or houses that have been reduced in price. You can also use them to inform the market about just-sold listings or upcoming open house events.

To target your demographic, think about whom you want to reach so you don’t waste money sending out postcards to people (such as college students) who don’t need your services. Design postcards to represent the interests of empty nesters, people seeking a first home, or residents who are growing their families and wish to move to a larger home.

2. Create an Email List

You can use an email list to farm leads or keep current customers informed about the real estate market. Therefore, make it a regular habit to send out emails and a newsletter to keep people informed about the current marketplace. 

3. Set Up Social Media Accounts

It also helps to establish yourself on social media, such as Facebook or Twitter. Because Instagram is video and picture-based, you can showcase area properties on the platform. By taking part in social media, you can also get a better idea of what people want or like in the real estate marketplace.

4. Set Up a Blog and Website

Naturally, you don’t want to use social media alone. You can connect your blog articles and website to your social media accounts. All of it works in sync. In addition, adding your web address to the postcards you send out will keep the marketing channel open online and offline.

5. Place Your Picture and Company Name on the Side of Your Car

It’s more cost-effective than billboard advertising – and will get you noticed around town. Add your name and picture and your real estate company on the side of your car. 

Get Started on the Right Foot – Begin Your Journey Today

While the above listing is not comprehensive, it offers enough information to start as a real estate agent. By combining online and offline marketing activities that are cost-effective and profitable, you can more easily start focusing on getting listings and making real estate sales.

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