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10 Common Mistakes In Bedroom Design

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Written by Shiyamala

The bedroom is a very important part of your house. It’s where you go to unwind, sleep, and it’s a place where you can be very romantic with your significant other. So you want to make sure that the design of it is just right. Unfortunately, a lot of people make mistakes when it comes to designing their bedroom.

Below are 10 common mistakes people make in their bedroom design.

1) Not Having Artwork

Many people forget about artwork when they’re designing their bedroom. Because it’s not one of the public spaces, it’s simple to just put the basics in a bedroom, leaving its walls bare. Even though most people put their favorite or best artwork in their dining room or living room, it’s a good idea to put some artwork in the bedroom too.

It makes sense, because you’re always going to bed and waking up every day in the bedroom, so why not have something visually stimulating to enjoy?

2) Forgetting About Mood Lighting

Many people leave their ceiling bare or just put a flush light there. It’s a good idea to have some fun with choosing the lighting in a bedroom. There isn’t any rule saying that you can only have a chandelier in the dining room.

You don’t just want overhead lighting in the bedroom, either. It’s a good idea to have reading lights. Task and indirect lighting is also good to add that will keep light’s glare so it’s not shining in the light. When you have more light sources, it’s going to be a lot better for the mood and for your eyes.

3) Not Thinking about Scale

One of the biggest things that you want to do when you’re designing your bedroom is to make sure that everything fits. Furniture that is properly scaled can be tricky. When you are looking online, everything looks like it’s the exact same size. If you’re laying out your furniture using blue tape, this will help you with avoiding many mistakes.

This involves taking measurements of pieces you’re buying, and then tapings its length and width inside of a rectangle on your floor. You’re going to have a lot better idea of what the piece is going to look like in your space.

4) Not Taking Care of Clutter

You want your bedroom to be breathable and relaxing. It’s a good idea to eliminate unnecessary items as well as make sure your furniture isn’t too big for your room. Having enough storage can go a long way to helping minimize clutter.

For those items you’d rather keep out, catchalls and trays can help to make everything feel much more organized.

5) Decorating Using Bright Colors

When you are designing your bedroom, you don’t want to use a lot of bright colors. It’s a good idea to use natural, calm colors to help with keeping the space timeless and serene. To provide a nice sheen texture that’s not overpowering, a cloth made of natural grass is a good idea. Light, warm neutrals work great in your bedroom and different textures will help your space feel more inviting and softer.

6) Not Having a Headboard

A lot of people don’t bother with a headboard because it really doesn’t serve any purpose except for looking decorative. But it helps your bedroom look nice. There are so many options when it comes to a headboard, and you don’t have to choose one that is boxy and beige.

You can give a headboard some personality and use a fabric that’s a bit different, or you could choose one that is a different shape. If you find a headboard that you like that has a fun shape but you don’t care for the fabric, you can always recover it just like you would the seat of a chair.

7) Having A Lot of Pillows

Having one or two nice decorative pillows is a nice thing. But the last thing that you want to do is to cover over your bed with so many pillows that you can’t see the bed for the pillows. Many designers say that it’s good to have four regular pillows (two on a side) for the bed and two decorative pillows (one on each side).

8) Not Choosing Your Bedding Carefully

Another huge mistake that people make when it comes to their bedroom is not being careful about choosing the bedding.  You’re going to spend around a third of your life in your bed. Give your sheets’ look and quality special attention. It’s going to make a difference in the décor and in your sleep. Check out this website for some bedding ideas.

9) Not Thinking About Storage

When you choose a nightstand that doesn’t have any storage in it, things are going to start piling up and creating a mess. You want to choose a nightstand that has a drawer so that you can put your book, charger, tablet and other things that you need in it. There are even nightstands with drawers which have chargers built-in that are perfect for charging phones and tablets. This keeps unsightly cords out of the way.

10) Neglecting Balance

A common mistake that people make in the bedroom is making it really heavy on one of its sides and it feels really bare on the other side. It’s better to spread your things out in your bedroom. People who like having everything close to their bed make this mistake. One way that’s easy to create balance in the design of the bedroom is to create separate areas for functions.

These are 10 mistakes that people make many times when they are looking at their bedroom design. Not only can making these mistakes make your bedroom look crowded or busy, but they can also make it hard to relax in your bedroom.

Keep these mistakes in mind the next time you are thinking of remodeling your bedroom or changing it around. They will help you have a bedroom that not only looks good but will help you have a relaxing and restful night’s sleep.

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