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New to diy? These 5 essentials will save you hours!

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Written by Shiyamala

The great thing about DIY is not just that it saves you money, but the satisfaction you get from knowing you can do those jobs that you were afraid to tackle.

Let’s face it, most DIY jobs around the house – building cupboards, hanging doors, putting up fences and other such stuff – can be done without the need to pay a professional; all you need is a bit of common sense, some minor skills, and the right tools.

The latter, in fact, can make all the difference, and it in a day and age when there are so many excellent and affordable power tools on the market, you can build up a tool kit that will be good enough for absolutely every job around the home.

What are the essential tools you need to cut down on time and effort and get the best result? We have put a list together for you, so let’s have a look!

Power Drill –

You’re not going to get anywhere doing home DIY without a decent drill, and by that we mean one that is powered! Imaging the pain your forebears went through using those hand-held drills that are operated by turning a handle – now we have the wonders of electricity to thank for how easy it is to drill holes in just about any material! Look for a drill that comes with hammer and rotatory options so you can handle masonry, and check out those that have quick-release bits, too. Also, research the different power outputs of various drills – the more powerful, the better.

Cordless Screwdriver –

Another essential for any DIY toolkit is the power screwdriver, and especially the cordless variety. We all know what a chore putting a screw in can be – especially when the wood is stubborn – and anyone who enjoys DIY certainly doesn’t enjoy the blisters afterwards! The great thing about a cordless screwdriver is it takes the effort out of the process, and it is far more capable and powerful than simply using your hand. They come in a wide variety of types and power levels, so we recommend you check out cordless screwdriver reviews for the best selection of options before choosing the one you need.

Paint Sprayer –

It’s one of the jobs we all hate, but it needs to be done! Painting those rooms that need doing with a brush or roller is all very well, but life is a lot easier if you use a paint sprayer! These devices are electrically powered and provide a fine spray of paint that can cover a large area in no time at all, and they are not expensive. You can find various different types to fit any budget, and you will see that they provide a much better finish in half the time – or even less – you would spend painting conventionally, and with a lot less waste and mess.

Sander –

Need to sand down surfaces before you paint them, or get those smooth edges prior to building whatever it is you are putting together? You could use a block and some sandpaper – or you could invest in a surprisingly affordable electric sander, and do the job in half the time! These devices work by way of an electric motor that drives the pad – either in a rotary or linear fashion – onto which a sheet of sandpaper is attached. They do the job quickly, neatly and efficiently and with very little effort, and will save you plenty of time and hard work.

Electric Saw –

Sawing wood is one of the most arduous of all jobs when it comes to DIY; that’s why we recommend you have a look at the vast array of electric saws that are available on the market today. The best ones are either jigsaws – great for cutting shapes, curves and awkward angles – and circular saws, which are excellent for cutting planks and lengths of wood to size. These can be found to fit all budgets, so there is very likely to be one that suits you at the right price.

The advent of affordable power saws means that we can do jobs around the home and garden with greater ease, and with many quality items available at great prices, you can soon build up a tool kit that includes all of the above, and perhaps more of the excellent power tools that are for domestic use. Have a closer look now, and make your life much easier while saving time and effort.

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