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How To Pick The Best Contemporary Fireplaces For Your Home

How To Pick The Best Contemporary Fireplaces For Your Home
Written by Shiyamala

Just like a camp fire, modern fireplaces warm your home and also act as a focal point. They are becoming more stylish and inviting.

Unfortunately, fireplaces have been known to be environmentally unfriendly due to their harmful emissions and inefficiencies, which in turn could have adverse effects on the health of its users. However, fuel choice coupled with good design could significantly improve the fire’s efficiency and its emissions.

Below is a comparison of the most common contemporary fireplaces available today in the market. For you to make a sound choice of the ideal unit for your home that addresses all your concerns, you need to weigh each unit’s pros and cons, which we have included below.



This is the most popular type because of its nominal installation feature and direct heating capabilities. Modern fireplaces of this type are fuelled by either liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas.

You can choose between a vented or unvented model. But you have to remember that vented or unvented, these units require some form of ventilation.

The ventless type could be a portable or a permanent fixture. The advantage of the portable model is it doesn’t take up much space during the warmer months, when you don’t use it too often. However, ventless units could prove to be risky if you don’t follow the required safety procedures.

By-products of gas units include carbon dioxide and water vapour. However, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide could be emitted once there’s an incomplete combustion.

That’s why you still need proper ventilation where you place your fireplace to ensure there are no health risks.

On the other hand, vented units allow for harmful gases to be emitted to the outside, and correctly functioning heater is often safe.

Thanks to advancements in manufacturing processes, gas fireplaces are now designed to look like traditional wood-burning units, but without the hassles of hauling and stocking firewood.


Electric Fireplace

Technically, an electric fireplace is an appliance, just like your toaster or refrigerator. But the good news is that these units don’t generate real burning flames, making this appliance last longer compared with other household units.

Additionally, it can also be transferred from one room to the next, so long as there is an outlet. The only drawback electric fireplaces have is that they don’t produce enough heat, depending on the room size. They should not be considered as the primary heat source, but rather as a supplementary source of heat for your household.


Bioethanol Fireplace

This is a relatively new fuel for home heating. But given the desire for more sustainable innovative designs these days, eco-friendly fireplaces such as ones running on bioethanol are fast becoming the only “high end” preference.

Summing up

How you choose the best contemporary fireplaces for your home rests entirely on aesthetics, budget and practicality of sourcing the right amount of fuel.


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