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8 Preventive Tips For Garage Door Owners

Written by Shiyamala

Automated doors are the only moving part of the house; garage door being the busiest.  To keep it moving, you have to care for it. Yes, like everything else, garage door require maintenance too. If you won’t pay much attention to what is going on with that poor thing, it will give up on you.

We all know that replacement is expensive, and with proper maintenance, you won’t have to search for the companies which carry out garage door repair King of Prussia PA.

Following are some tips and tricks to consider, if you want your garage or other automated door to function smoothly for years.

#1 Avoid the unwanted use:

Poor thing has to move thousand times in a year, which means few times in a day. Cut it some slack. Use a little if possible. You can plan your daily trips carefully so that you won’t have to take the car out several times a day.

#2 Pay attention to the voices:

The first preventive measure you can take is to hear. Is it noisy in your garage every time you open the door? If yes, pay attention to what kind of noise is audible. If the sound is of grinding and scraping, voila, you have incurred a repair!

#3 Watch, watch, watch:

See if the door is gliding smoothly. If it is jerky at places or sticks at a certain point for some time, every time you open the door, the problem has arrived. Check to see if both sides look symmetrical. (Springs, cable and pulleys are in the shape)

#4 Check to see if the hardware is intact:

Because of the frequent movement, the brackets and fitting panels go lose over the time. Check to see if the fitting panels and brackets are in proper place, if you see a gap between the wall and system; tighten up the hardware with the help of a socket wrench. The fitting panel will provide the door, required space to move through and hopefully, the noises will go.

#5 Check the balance of the door:

If the door isn’t balanced, it won’t work. Here is the thing, the door is mounted on springs and requires exact balance to move or roll through the railings. If it is drawn to one side a little more it won’t roll equally on both sides. If you’ll keep using it in the same condition, the controller or the hub will require more effort, resulting in damage.

#6 Check the door manually:

Disconnect the hub or opener from the door by pulling the red wire out Of the handle. Pull and push the door manually to halfway, see if it glides smoothly. If the problem persists, the fault is in the springs. Call professionals to fix the springs and to do a whole garage door service, things are out of your hands now.

#7 See if the rollers are working fine:

The roller best function from five to seven years; if you have been using your garage door for more than ten years without any maintenance, you have been abusing it. Nylon or steel, rollers need to be inspected once in five years, chipped or curled roller should be replaced immediately so that you can avoid a further damage. Remove the faulty roller brackets and reinstall fresh pairs. Keep in mind that you only have to pull out those which aren’t directly attached to the cable system.

#8 Lubricate:

If you want your garage door to function seamlessly, grease all the required parts. Greasing is not a huge task, anyone can do it. On the opening chains and screws, it is preferred to use white lithium grease. For the overhead springs, use lubricant sprays. It will be better if you consult with a specialist what kind of grease should be applied on the door. The wrong kind of grease can damage the inner fittings.

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