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Methods to Purchase Used Dump Trucks

Methods to Purchase Used Dump Trucks
Written by Shiyamala

Purchasing used dump trucks to meet your business needs can be a great economical option in the market of uncertainties. It reduces the initial cost and performs the work as intended. Nevertheless, all it needs is extra care, time and thorough inspection before you finalize one.

 One thing that you should keep in your mind is that, unlike cars or other vehicles, dump trucks spend most of their lifetime in dumping rough and heavy items, which would definitely make them easily prone to corrosion, abrasion and wear and tear.

This post will give you comprehensive guidance about what aspects do you need to consider before finalizing with a purchase of used dump trucks.

Never go just by the odometer

A basic misconception that most of us have is the lesser miles a used truck covered the better it is. Sadly, this may not be true all the time. Experts strongly opine that no seller would have a solid idea about the authenticity of the reading of the odometer. A low reading of the mileage is never a good substitute for a thorough inspection and a test drive.

Prefer used dump trucks with warranty

Unless the age of the vehicle is too old or you get it for a too cheap price, always ask for a warranty from the seller. Go through the terms and conditions carefully before finalizing the purchase deal.

You can also find out if there is a finance option available for the purchase. In luckier cases, your used dump truck may also be eligible for extended warranty too. Do not forget to check this option too.

Dump body reveals the actual story

The better the condition of the dump body, the more care it underwent in the previous usage. Check for abrasion, dents, rust, and breakages. Feel free to climb up and check the inner lining and the sides too. Inspect for any breakages on the body of the floor and rusting at the joints and bolts.

Choose the dump body based on your business need

Dump truck bodies majorly do come in two metals: Aluminium and Steel. A dump truck body made of aluminum suits the purpose only when you want to deal with softer materials such as sand or dirt.

if your requirement is the transport of heavier and hazardous materials such as rubble or rocks, opt for steel based dump body. This is because a steel based one is rugged, though heavy in weight and considerably gives lesser speed and fuel economy than that of an aluminum one.

Tires mean a lot too

Tire condition also is an area of concern when you are buying a used dump truck. You do not immediately want to replace the tires soon after purchasing it as it also adds to the cost of the truck, isn’t it? Make sure that the tires of the truck are properly aligned and have no uneven tread wear.

History and records are a must

Maintenance history gives you the entire life story of a used dump truck. The records of maintenance tell you whether any replacement of parts has taken place in the past and the reasons associated.

Additionally, oil change records also tell the current health of the engine. Irregular previous records of oil changes are an indication that there would be a hidden issue and you may end up spending on it in the future.

Accident history is another part that you have to specifically check for. It avoids unnecessary headaches for you down the time.

Inspect the inner parts

Dump truck frame rails show its current ruggedness and strength. Make a keen inspection to spot any sagging, rusting or bends. These could be signs of overloading and improper care.

Note that various states have various weight regulations. For this, lift axles play a major role. They distribute the weight equally across the various axles. Hence you should check them too for their condition.

Truck’s cab needs a check too

The overall condition and the neatness of the used dump truck’s cab help in understanding the care taken by its previous owner. Check whether all the gauges and lights are operational in the state. Besides, lifting cylinders and rods should be smooth.

Test drive the dump truck and check if the steering is smooth or needs service. Observe the smoothness of brakes and other operations.

Engine inspection is crucial

Do not let the engine hide in the hood. Pull open the hood and make a strict inspection of the engine. Check for engine oil leaks and the valve gasket. Use a torch and check for the condition at the bottom of the engine too.

Cooling fins should be clean with no dust and debris and radiator should be leak proof. Engine coolant should be rust free and the radiator cap should be in good and operable state. The front suspension and the kingpins should be neat and rust free.

Checklist of key mechanical aspects

Besides the physical inspection, you should check whether the type and model of the dump truck that you are finalizing is meeting the mechanical requirements of your load and business.

  • You should be clear if the terrain that your dump truck has to travel would be a rugged one and whether this specific truck fits the purpose.
  • The same concept applies to the engine horsepower and do not forget to get clarity on this too.
  • Towing capacity is another key mention that plays a major role in dealing with your business needs without any hassles.
  • You may also have to consider the type of transmission of the truck if it is automatic or manually transmitted.
  • Also, note whether you can find the replacement parts easily and in the budget.

Take expert guidance

Unless you yourself are an expert in automotive, it is never a bad idea to seek to take expert guidance, especially while purchasing a used vehicle such as a dump truck. They would help you in understanding the points that you might have missed or confused with. Talk in detail about your needs and get the best out of their expertise.

Author bio: Mario Rolls is the blog consultant and writer at Dump Trucks. He brings 20 years of experience in various industries including heavy vehicle blogging and dump body manufacturing business.He is working for a company in Mississippi and one of the Nation’s primary manufacturers of dump truck bodies and trailers. Warren offers products and services for the smallest to the largest trucks.

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