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5 Reasons Rented Furniture Is A Great Option For A New Home

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Written by Shiyamala

A new home is an empty canvas. From the moment you move in, you have complete freedom to put together an elegant masterpiece or hurriedly set-up a hodgepodge of styles. Now, you may seriously doubt whether you will be able to achieve anything close to a masterpiece. After all, you probably have very little knowledge of furniture or interior design.

We agree. Very few people can do a good job decorating a home at short notice (or on their first attempt). But what if you have months to get it done, and the opportunity to keep experimenting with different items of furniture to see what works?

And you get to do it without having to shell out hundreds of dollars on each item? Think we’re joking? Well, we’re not. All of this is easily possible if you rent furniture online. Here are the benefits of doing so:

i) You can experiment

Furniture costs the average American family thousands of dollars every few years. Buying a sofa or nightstand you’re not quite sure will fit in with the rest of your ensemble may not be an option, given that you will be shelling out quite a bit of money for it.

Therefore, purchasing furniture requires you to play it safe. If you rent, however, you only pay for a limited period of time, which means that you are free to try out several combinations until you find the one that will work.

ii) It’s affordable

People who rent furniture move into a fully furnished home on day one, while those who choose to purchase every item usually spend the first year in their brand new home saving or waiting for a good deal. When you rent, even quality furniture becomes very affordable. So you don’t need to blow up the air mattress or leave your books in a stack by the window. You’ll be all set up.

iii) You can keep what you like

The best furniture rental companies let you decide what you want to do with an item of furniture at the end of the term. If you like it, you can buy it off them by paying a fee. So think of renting like a try-before-you-buy scheme.

iv) Don’t break your back

Most furniture rental companies will offer you free delivery, assembly and insurance as part of their package. This means that you’ve just got to order online and wait for delivery.

It’s no different than shopping for groceries. This means that you don’t have to break your back lugging that humongous king-size bed up four flights of stairs. That’s for the rental company to figure out.

v) Let your furniture make you money

Furniture is a depreciating asset. The moment you purchase it, its value begins to drop. In a few years, it’ll be worth almost nothing. When you rent furniture, however, you spend only a small portion of your savings on depreciating assets and invest the rest. Renting, therefore, enables you to make money, instead of simply locking it up at home.

CasaOne is a home and office furniture rental company based in San Francisco. We are reimagining a fragmented, old-school industry that has completely dropped the ball on serving urban dwellers who like to access and experience, rather than own, pretty much everything.

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