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How to Save Money on Repairing of Wood Windows? – Step by Step Guide

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Written by Shiyamala

Wood has always been referred to ecologically clean material, which creates healthy micro climate inside the premise.  This is the material, which was used centuries ago and will be used years ahead. 

Over the years, the windows are much impacted by weather fluctuations and temperature changes that leads to wood deformation, fungal formations and cracks.  Every owner of house with wooden windows from time to time faces the questions “how to repair wooden windows” and “who restores old wooden windows”. 

An answer to both questions is one – let Apex Window Werks professionals work for your windows to have nice and healthy appearance.

While speaking about wood, we should not skip its advantages:

  • provides high sound isolation and heat insulation;
  • make an outside look of the house noble;
  • keep just perfect micro climate inside the house.

All the factors of outside influence lead to wood structure disruption and tightness construction violation.  An extent of these factors influences the decision on what treatment the frame requires – either to replace window frame or restore it.

Below are several main problems the owners might face while exploiting wooden windows:

1) A gap between a frame and window space.  This is the most widely met scenario.  Wood structure be easily deformed.  An additional sealant can be installed to solve the problem.

2) Skewed window sashes are most likely to be faced when frame is made of solid board.  Deformation is caused by excessive moisture and direct sunshine.  The problem can be eliminated by fitting adjustment.

3) Problems with surface covering.  It is normal that all the surfaces are influenced by time.  So, the wood is.  After years of being in use, paint and other liquids will look like worn out.  If the structure itself is not rotten than to renew the paint is a good option.

4) Wood rotting.  Complex but possible to solve.  Most likely the replacement is needed, but our skillful professionals will offer other options, if they find the frame in condition possible to save.  We are always eager to restore your frame.

5) Window sashes are hard to close.  Firstly, you need to check if the window construction has not shrunk, and, if this part is in order, then you simply need to regulate the height of sashes.  If geometry of construction is violated, it should be removed from window space and aligned. 

If you still have a question “how to replace rotted wood around the window” than follow our step-by-step guide on how to replace window frame rotted.

A wooden sash must be taken out from the window frame.  It is better to take the glass out as well.  It is time to remove an old paint now.  There are few ways to make it done, but most widely used are mechanical and chemical. 

Mechanical option is to heat an old paint on frame by special drier device until appearance of blisters, which will be further removed by spatula.  Chemical option is to remove old paint with the help of chemical liquids, that after application together with paint left overs should be removed by putty knife and sand paper.

If damaged area of wood is big and decision is taken to replace it – custom window treatment professionals proceed with replacement of such an area. 

On contrary, if existing wood can be saved – we proceed with its restoration.  For this reason, we should thoroughly take out rotten or fungus areas and fill in the left gaps with special putty for wood.  This material is filled in very tightly in one layer.  If more layers are requested – give some time to the previous one to dry.

Surface grinding is next step.  This is done to receive even and smooth surface for paint works.  A final step of this stage is to clean the surface from dust.  If the water was used – the construction should be left for complete drying.

Skillful professionals know that before the paint, a surface must be covered with special impregnation for wood in two-three layers.  Please, make sure that the frame is dried and not sticky any more before moving to the next step.

There is a huge variety of paint on the market.  You can choose either varnish or paint of some other color.  Wood is a natural material, so, most likely, for the window to look like a solid structure, paint is more preferable.  The second layer of paint should be applied only after the full drying of the previous.

Careful “look after” the windows will prolong their life.  Modern wooden windows are already covered at production site by all necessary liquids to protect them from sun, rotting, pests, etc.  However, when doing any cleaning with using the liquids to wash the glasses – any residences on wood should be immediately and thoroughly removed. 

If you already have a question “where do I find someone to fix wood windows” there is one answer “Apex window Werks professionals are always nearby and can be easily reached by phone or email”.  Wooden windows are a product that saving a nice appearance only if it is regularly taken care about. 

If not to follow Apex Window Werks professionals advises, the repair works may be expensive.  It is always better to fix something small on time to skip big problems ahead. 

Do not delay the check of your windows till tomorrow – give us a call today.

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