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6 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair 

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Written by Shiyamala

Are you wondering when you must get your air conditioner repaired? You might be perplexed as to if you need to look for air conditioner repair in Desoto Texas

However, you needn’t worry because this article aims to enlighten you regarding the six signs that indicate you need to look for an AC repair in Desoto Texas. Plus, with the cold season approaching, even heating repair in Desoto Txis essential. 

So, read this article and identify the signs you need to hunt for an air conditioner repair service. 

Top 6 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair 

Air conditioner repair in Desoto Texas is important because of the extreme climate conditions of Desoto Texas. It has cold winters and extremely hot summers. So, it’s essential that your AC functions properly to give you the heating and cooling required. 

However, every piece of equipment needs maintenance and often malfunctions. Plus, each piece of equipment needs time-to-time repair work. So, how do you identify whether your AC needs repair? 

Here are the six signs you need to hunt for AC repair in Desoto Texas, soon:

No Cooling

Your air conditioner is meant to keep your room cool. It’s intended to protect you from the extreme heat of Texas. 

If you notice that warm air is blowing out of your AC vent, you might want to check the thermostat first. Suppose your thermostat is already in cooling mode and your AC is still blowing warm air. Your air conditioner might be facing a compressor issue or restricted airflow. 

In such cases, it’s best to call an expert to repair your air conditioner rather than attempting a DIY fix. 

Water Leaks 

Did you know your air conditioner requires a refrigerant? This is what helps cool your home and causes condensation. However, this liquid should not leak into your home, nor should it accumulate. 

If you notice a water leak or a pool of water near your AC, it means that your air conditioner’s cooling system is malfunctioning. This is a warning that you need to get your air conditioner repaired so that the condensate drain can function properly and ensure zero leaks. 

Plus, water leaks near air conditioners could prove dangerous if you have hanging wires or electrical units placed near them. So, call the experts soon. 

Unusual Sounds

If you hear sounds from your AC, it’s a cause for alarm. You might hear sounds like grinding, squeaking, squealing, or others. All these sounds indicate that your air conditioner needs repair despite the fact that everything might seem to be working perfectly. 

It’s likely that some part of your AC might need tightening, or it might need cleaning. The moment you notice any unusual sound, it is best if you get your AC repaired. This might help you avoid a system breakdown later. 

Further, you’ll pay less money to repair a noise-related issue rather than a nigger issue. 

High Energy Bills 

You might be running your AC every day for the same duration. However, suddenly you might notice a hike in your energy bills. This could be a sign that something is wrong with your AC. 

Your AC might not be functioning efficiently. So, you need to get it looked at and get it repaired quickly. When your AC doesn’t function efficiently, your AC could be failing, burning out mechanical components, or causing other problems. So, it’s essential to call the experts immediately when you notice high energy bills. 

Unusual Odors 

Unusual odors and bad odors are alarming, isn’t it? They also give you an unpleasant feeling in your own homes. Often, when your air conditioner starts malfunctioning, it might give out a musty odor. 

This means there might be mold in your AC’s ducts, the condensate drain could be clogged, or the cooling oils could be dirty. There are multiple reasons for a bad odor from your AC.  What’s important is calling the experts when you notice an unusual odor. They will be able to identify the cause of the smell and fix it for you. 

Frequent Cycles 

Ideally, your air conditioner must have routine cooling cycling. During summers, the cooling cycle might turn on more; however, it mustn’t constantly turn on and off. This means there is a frequent cycle. 

This frequent cycle can reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency, create unusual sounds, increase your energy bills, and more. So, if you notice your AC is cycling too frequently, you must get an expert to tune up your AC and fix the issue. 

You’ll be able to avoid having to replace your entire unit if you have a regular repair on your AC for the cycles. 


The top six signs your air conditioner needs repair will help you identify that your AC is malfunctioning. So, you can call the best services of air conditioner repair in Desoto Texas, like Dial One Johnson. 

Dial One Johnson offers round-the-clock services. They are dedicated and give you the highest quality service. When you call them for your ac repair in Desoto Texas, you ensure you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They have expert ac repair service technicians that will help you with energy efficiency, give you great indoor air quality, ensure proper cooling and heating. 

So, if you notice any of the above six signs in your AC, it’s time you called the experts to get your AC running smoothly!

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