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Six Tips For Decorating A Child’s Bedroom

Decorating A Child’s Bedroom
Written by Shiyamala

Whether you’re preparing a nursery or transforming a nursery into a big kids room, decorating can be a lot of fun. since you’re decorating for kids, it’s wise to consider the functionality of the room. However, it’s still great to have fun and make sure the room looks beautiful.

There are many ways that you can decorate a room for a child wear it looks Chic and beautiful yet age-appropriate. Consider these ideas.

1. Add floating shelves.

Floating shelves are wonderful to add to a room because they can serve dual purposes. They can stand as a source of storage and still stand as a decorative piece. Many kids end up receiving tons of stuffed animals throughout their childhood. A floating shelf is a great place to store those stuffed animals and other toys. You can also use the shelf to store books, trophies or fun mementos from family vacations.

2. Paint the ceiling.

It’s a good idea to consider painting the ceiling of your child’s room. The ceiling is such a large space that so many people ignore. You can even opt to do a fun design using stencils on the ceiling. However, don’t forget to be safe. Make sure that you have a sturdy ladder and don’t forget to lay down flooring paper to avoid potential paint stains.

Take a look at ideas online for inspiration. A great idea involves painting the ceiling to mimic the sky. You can add a sun, moon and stars. You can even add a few glow-in-the-dark stickers of the planets and constellations.

3. Add stunning window treatments.

Window treatments are nice for any room because they add a polished look. To customize the treatments a bit, use curtains that are your child’s favorite color. Add texture to the window treatments by using blinds underneath the curtains. Wooden shutter blinds and bamboo blinds are lovely choices to consider.

Additionally, add pullbacks that you can use to open up the curtains and allow the sunlight to come in during the day. To make the room appear large, many people start their window treatments at the top of the ceiling. You can position the curtain rod a couple inches higher than the window and it gives the appearance of tall ceilings.

4. Create a custom dresser.

It’s really easy to create a custom dresser. First, visit your local thrift shop store and look for a wooden dresser. make sure that it doesn’t show any signs of bed bug infestation. once it passes the test, bring it home and use an electric sander to sand it down. After you’ve gotten the shine and varnish off of the dresser, painted in the color of your choice.

You can choose anything from a matte chalkboard paint to a high gloss option. Switch out the knobs and opt for trendy acrylic ones. take a look at some of your favorite home decor magazines to see what styles of knobs are trending. You can also choose to spray paint the ones that come with the dresser. A good DIY project is always fun to infuse in a room makeover.

5. Hang large mirrors.

It’s a good idea to hang large mirrors on the walls because they make a room appear larger. Hang the mirrors in a place that will reflect the natural light from the windows. This can maximize the amount of light you get in the room. Because you’re dealing with children, it’s wise to make sure that you use a sturdy bolt to fasten the mirror to the wall. You don’t want to run the risk of an accident with glass, mirrors and blood.

6. Use an area rug.

Even if you already have carpet on the floor, an area rug is great because it adds a bit of personality to the room. Plus, if you have a child who loves to play in their room, it’s nice to have a comfortable rug to sit on. Make sure that you do the research and measurements so the rug you purchase can match the size of the room.

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