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Spring Cleaning: What It is and Where You Should Start

spring cleaning
Written by Shiyamala

We all use the term “spring cleaning,” and most of us recognize that season as the time to do a thorough cleaning of our homes. But where do we get the idea of spring cleaning?

Here’s a brief history of the term and its significance.

Generation After Generation

The idea of spring cleaning goes back through many generations. On the first day of spring, before the Persian New Year, Iranian citizens engaged in a tradition known as “Khooneh Tekouni” which translates to, “shaking the house.” The idea is that one’s home had to be clean before the Iranian New Year.

The Jewish people cleaned right before the spring celebration of Passover. During Passover, Jewish tradition dictates that they not eat or drink anything with fermented yeast or leavened yeast. Therefore, it was customary to clean the house of those things just before the celebration.

Chinese tradition also includes a spring cleaning ritual that is designed to cleanse the home of bad luck, which was often represented by dust that settled throughout the home during winter. Cleaning dust was thought to usher in good fortune.

Spring Cleaning Today

While there are many cleaning traditions, the fact is that they’ve survived and become part of almost everyculture. In areas where winters are harsh, spring cleaning allows people to open their windows and let in fresh air to rejuvenate the atmosphere inside. Springtime is also an opportunity to take out those heavy rugs and release the dust to the wind.

Also, back in the day where homes were heated with coal or wood ovens and furnaces, it was common for the inside to get covered in soot and ash. Spring cleaning meant getting rid of all that.

Doing a thorough cleaning of one’s home gives an opportunity to start the warm months off on the right foot, and to keep the home clean until the next winter season.

What To Clean

While the simple answer is, everything, here are a few things that always need a good cleaning.

In the kitchen: deep clean your stove, wash your floors, scrub those countertops and clean out any old food from your cupboards. Also, don’t forget the refrigerator. Get in there and get rid of anything that’s expired, and give the whole inside a thorough cleaning.

In your bathroom: scrub your tub or shower free of water stains, mold, and mildew. Clean both the inside and the outside of your toilet, and don’t forget the bathroom sink. Get an effective foaming mildew and soap scum remover that disinfects for a deep clean.

In the living room: Get down and get those baseboards clean. Wash the walls and get rid of any cobwebs hovering in the corners. Vacuum and get a good carpet cleaner to get a deep cleaning in your carpets, and wash your furniture’s upholstery.

In the bedroom: Wash those sheets, and vacuum thoroughly under the bed. Wash any windows, and get your carpet and rugs cleaned too.

Also you can always hire cleaning services professionals if you don’t have time for doing it.

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