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3 Popular Stone Choices for Building A New Outdoor Patio

Written by Shiyamala

When you are building a new outdoor patio, the stone you choose is of the utmost importance. You want to select a patio stone that is just as beautiful as it is functional, and it needs to fit within your aesthetic and your budget.

However, there are literally dozens upon dozens of stone options available for exterior use, so how are you supposed to narrow down the search to find the best outdoor stone options for you?

The task is daunting. To help you out, we have narrowed it down to three of the most popular stone choices. Limestone, porcelain, and Dekton were selected because of their beauty, their vast array of colors and style options, and their innate outdoor-friendly features.


Limestone is commonly chosen for outdoor areas because it provides an inviting, earthy aesthetic and it can be integrated into any design style, including both contemporary and traditional spaces. Since limestone is formed in the depths of the sea, it contains intriguing shell fragments and other remnants of sea-life, and it comes in many different patterns and styles.

Additionally, limestone naturally deflects the heat, making it stay comparatively cool during the hot summer months so you can actually walk on it barefoot.


Another excellent outdoor stone is the porcelain paver, which is available in a multitude of shades and patterns. The appearance of porcelain is intriguing and brings a streamlined appearance to an outdoor space. More importantly, it is very functional for outdoor use. First off, porcelain is slightly textured, so it provides some slip resistance, and as long as a lighter color is selected, it will not get too hot in the sun.

Additionally, porcelain is able to repel stains from food, grease, pollen, and more, so it stays looking like new year after year. As long as the pavers are installed methodically, they also provide a level surface so there is no risk of tripping.


New on the exterior stone scene is Dekton, a heavy-duty, man-made product that combines quartz, porcelain, and glass for an unbreakable finish. Dekton was purposely created to be extremely durable outdoors. Due to its components, Dekton is not only resistant to dents and scratches from all sources, it is resistant to UV rays.

So even if it is in direct sunlight, it will not fade or disintegrate over time. What’s more, Dekton is not porous, so it will not stain no matter what spills on it. In high-traffic areas, Dekton is the ideal outdoor stone option.

Choosing a stone for your outdoor patio can seem overwhelming, but if you pay attention to both the physical qualities and functional aspects of the stone, you are sure to find one that is ideal for your space.

Whether you are looking for the earthy, naturally cool qualities of limestone, the safety aspects and color options of porcelain pavers, or the resilience and ease-of-use of Dekton, you are sure to find a patio stone that exceeds all of your expectations.

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