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The Massive Growth In Flower Wall Popularity

Written by Shiyamala

Flower walls are growing more and more popular. We can see them on social networking posts shared by our friends, and we often find ourselves drawn to “like” or “share” pictures with them. The following list include the top reasons why there’s a massive growth in flower wall popularity.

Flowers are Timelessly Beautiful –

One of the main reasons why there’s a massive growth in flower wall popularity is due to the flowers’ timeless beauty. They’re perfect for just about any season or occasion, especially for romantic and intimate events like weddings. Before, these flowers were used as more personal accessories for people, like the bouquets of brides and bridesmaids, or adornments to outfits, and the like. But by actually putting these flowers into large installations like walls, they accessorize not only the individuals, but the venue or the event itself.

Image Source: pixabay.com

The timelessness of the beautiful flowers used in weddings really made flower walls popular. The bride and even the groom can have a hand in creating these magnificent pieces for their event by selecting which flowers or what color they want, and the wall instantly becomes more memorable, more meaningful. They could have an array of their favorite flowers, or have an installation full of the flowers from the first bouquet that the groom gave the bride. These flowers and flower walls in itself become a symbol of the couple, and that’s what is being celebrated in the event.

Matches Any Colour Palette –

Flower walls became so popular because of their versatility to match any event, as well as any colour palette preferred by those celebrating the event. You can set up your floral wall to have flowers that match your wedding’s motif, and instantly, you have an eye-catching piece decorating the entrance of the event, or a centerpiece that draws your audience gaze towards your table. It is hard not to notice a flower wall, even the small ones. So setting up one in the colour palette of your choice can instantly transform a space, say for example, a bland entrance to your venue, or an empty hallway or corner spot. And with a matching colour palette, the wall of flowers won’t stick out like a sore thumb. Yes, it is eye-catching, especially when it is well-made. But you won’t have to worry about it overwhelming the whole event because it matches your palette of choice.

Image Source: pixabay.com

Custom-built for Any Theme, Colour Scheme, and Size –

Another reason for the flower wall’s popularity is that it can be custom-built to your specifications. As mentioned earlier, the wall can easily match any colour scheme. Aside from that, it can also be custom-made to match your size specifications. There’s no such thing as cookie-cutter when it comes to flower walls – from the colour and the design, down the spot where you want it installed, you have a hand on how the end product would look like.

Image Source: pixabay.com

Weddings are very special events, so you can expect that every aspect of it is customized to your desires. This is why flower walls are designed differently each time, to match the uniqueness and specialness of the said event. For example, venues vary in each wedding. Some are held outside, some are held in grand ballrooms, and some intimate ones, are in just small gathering areas. All of these hold the potential to stage a great flower wall design, and it is all up to you to decide how it is going to be built. You control how big or small it is, you control the color and the flowers used, and a lot more. For the makers of these flower walls, the only limit is your imagination (and your budget).

Perfect Backdrop for Photos –

And perhaps one of the most influential factors why flower walls are very popular nowadays is that they are the perfect backdrop for photos. These decorative walls make everyone look good in their photos, needing no other filter but a good lighting to make them Instagram-worthy. These “wall art” in weddings and other special events serve as great souvenirs to the occasion, and it is something that’s worthy of saving and sharing. It perfectly commemorates the event, because it gives a romantic and happy vibe in the photos shot with a flower wall as the backdrop.

Image Source: pixabay.com

Now that almost everyone is on social networking sites, it is unavoidable to plan these events with social media presence in mind. Weddings usually has hashtags set for the occasion, people tag the location in their posts, and of course, we share a lot of photos as the events unfold. With that in mind, you’d want to have the perfect flower wall to attract views and likes from your friends’ friends. This “virality” of sorts is something that would help commemorate the event, make it more special, and give fond memories to more people.

Flower walls are already popular, but it will gain more following the years to come. More and more people want to share special events like weddings not only to their friends or family, but also to the world. With that in mind, flower walls will become a staple of said events because it is the perfect accessory that can attract proper attention, can be customized to your specifications, and of course, make the event more memorable to everyone.

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