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The Rise of Women In The Construction Industry

Written by Shiyamala

In a world where most jobs are known to be male-dominated for centuries, being a woman is difficult when it comes to finding the right job that will treat her equally. However, it is not a reason to despair. As the world becomes more open to the prospect of accepting women into jobs that are believed to be only for men, more industries are now opening their doors to women employees. One such industry is the construction industry.

According to research, only an estimated 9% of the construction workers are women. Industries are now recognizing that both women and men can equally work in the Construction Industry!

Diversity in the Workplace

As more women enter the workforce no matter what industry it is, some companies are now starting to realize that a great team can be one that is diverse — composed of men and women alike. It has been shown in various studies that since men and women tend to think differently, a workplace with both men and women whose opinions are valued equally has more possibility of being able to think up of more innovative ideas.

Challenges that Women Face in the Construction Industry

However, being accepted into the construction industry does not immediately mean that problems are already eliminated. Women still face the following challenges:

  1. Pay Gap
  2. In some companies, women still experience the challenge of having lower rates for compensation. Although this is being closely monitored by some governments, it is undeniable that some industries still pay women less the amount that they pay men.
  3. Higher Injury Risk
  4. Since the construction industry is actually designed with male workers in mind, most construction equipment and tools are not a perfect fit for women which thus leads women to a greater risk of being injured.
  5. Exclusion
  6. Women are most likely left out of opportunities in construction industries. This is more likely in cases where a new project arises and men have more probability of getting the project or the chance to lead.
  7. Lack of Mentors and Role Models
  8. Due to the obvious shortage of women in the construction industry or the lack of strong women role models, some female workers are discouraged in advancing in the field or even in pursuing a career in the construction industry.
  9. Discrimination
  10. This is a challenge faced not only by women in the construction industry. This is faced by majority of women in the workforce. Most victims of gender discrimination are women.

Why Women Should Pursue a Career in the Construction Industry

Challenges should never deter a woman from joining the construction industry because there are still many benefits that she can acquire. Aside from proving the male-dominated world of construction that women are as good as men when it comes to planning, drafting construction designs, supervising construction work and even installing attic access doors, women can grow in the construction industry while at the same time get other benefits.

Here are some reasons why women should pursue a career in the construction industry:

  1. They can help make an impact.
  2. Female leaders, although very few, are able to make important transformations in the workplace. They play a huge role in eliminating the challenges that women face in the construction industry. They participate in making women have a more welcoming place in the environment by pushing for stronger female recruitments, promote retainment and advancement of women.
  3. Higher Income
  4. Because of the difficulty of the work involved, construction industries are more likely to give higher pay than in other industries. A woman in the construction industry will earn more than when she is in a female-dominated career.
  5. Labor Shortage
  6. Since construction industries are becoming more in need as the technology and business world progress, a labor shortage may occur and by then, companies will not only pay attention to recruiting male employees.
  7. Sense of Achievement
  8. Some women feel a sense of achievement when they are able to build something from the ground up. Being in the construction industry will greatly help a woman with a great passion for building feel a sense of achievement.

Being a woman is not a reason to believe that only men can do certain tasks and be in certain jobs. As more feminist groups push for equality and make the world understand that women can also do what men are able to do, more women are encouraged to actually go out there and prove the society wrong regardless of how many challenges they have to face.

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