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4 Things To Do When Moving To A New House

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Written by Shiyamala

Congratulations! After so much time and effort, you’re finally moving to your dream home. Yes, moving is really exciting, but also tiring and time-consuming. There’s an absurd amount of things to do and it’s impossible to remember every single one of them.

Do not worry! In this article we’ll highlight 4 indispensable things to do when moving in. You can also visit this Home Improvement website for more tips on how to make your dream house even better.

1. Change the locks

When you buy a house, one of the main things you have to consider is how many people has had access to the keys: previous owners, agents, workers… You never know. That’s why the first, most important thing you must do is changing the locks (including the garage door), as well as changing the alarm code if there’s a security system.

2. Redirect your mailing address

This one is obvious but essential: receiving your mail to the wrong address can lead to misunderstandings with your bank, insurers, doctors, etc, as well as identity scams; plus it’s an extra cost to get that mail back to your current address once it’s in the wrong place.

There are many services to redirect your mail (UK Post Office, Royal Mail, Mail Boxes Etc.,…), all with pros and cons, but the point here is that you do NOT want any of those issues at any cost. Don’t forget to also update your address in any online marketplace you tend to buy at.

3. Meet the neighbours

Yes, the neighbours. It can be a bit awkward at first, but it’s important to build a good relationship with them, especially when you’re new in the neighbourhood, since they will surely answer most of your newcomer questions.

That will help building a long-time trust relationship and… Who knows? Maybe you can find some great friends.

4. Update the electoral register

The current situation is uncertain and you want to make sure you get to vote on who represents you. To update the register, each individual of voting age in a household has to follow the registration process in the site.

For the furniture you can hire some good moving services like to make the work easy.

This is important, since the process terms have change and now one person can NOT register other people. Once all of the members have updated the address, you will only have to worry about who to vote for.

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