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Things You Need To Throw Away Today

Written by Shiyamala

Any time of the year is the time of the year to clean. So, forget “Spring Cleaning” and remember that we want you to make sure that you keep your living space livable. Make sure you don’t fall behind in tossing out the unwanted goods. Unwanted goods can be a hindrance to your lifestyle and just, a pain in the behind.

However, it can be easy. A simple list of things to throw away as soon as you see it. Don’t think, just do.

Now, we all know what Marie Kondo has taught us, and that is to go through every single item and think about if this item sparks joy. Well, does it?

A spark is a quick electric shock, it shouldn’t take you over a minute to feel nor should it take you 5 minutes of reason and justification. Well, if you’re like me, and everything takes over a minute or needs 5 minutes of reasoning, then read this list to figure out what to throw out today.

Remember, that clutter is only clutter if you see it as clutter. If you don’t open your eyes to what it is or you don’t listen to other people when they tell you that it is, then you’ll never see it as clutter. But believe us, even if you don’t see it, you feel it.

Clothing you’ve never worn before

Sure, it can be a waste of money but you’ve had it for how long and you still haven’t used it? Yeah, it’s never getting used. You may have thought that maybe you could find an item to pair with it but it doesn’t. Rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months, it doesn’t need to be in your closet anymore; donate these items to goodwill.

Lonely socks

You’ve kept that one sock because you’re positive that it’s going to end up in the dryer one day. It won’t. Sooner or later, you’re going to frustrate yourself with a drawer full of unmatched socks and you’ll be in a rush rummaging through those socks to get to an actual pair.

Anything Old & Anything Expired

They’re most likely worn out and if they’re not, that means you don’t use it enough and that needs to go too.

Don’t forget to toss expired medication; just in case you’re sick and woozy, that’s one thing less to worry about. Make sure all your medication is up to date so you don’t accidentally consume expired medicine that will probably make you more sick than you are at the time you took it.

Don’t even try to keep expired makeup. Yes, makeup expires. If you’re an avid makeup wearer you should know this, but if you’re not then we understand. But don’t torture your skin with expired makeup!

Clothing You’ve Worn Too Much

Just like how clothing you’ve never worn is difficult to let go because you didn’t get your worth out of them – then imagine something that’s worth is literally drained out of it. Yes, tattered clothing needs to go and it’s time to find something new.

The number one culprit is a good pair of comfortable shoes. If you think nothing else will fit you the same; then buy the same pair and I guarantee that will fit you the same.

Product Boxes

But what about a return? Well, you can only return within the month (most of the time) otherwise it goes through the warranty and by then you won’t need the product box. I am guilty of this because I always think I’ll return something; turns out I’m too lazy to get my money back – just like the clothing I never wore.

If you have a lot to declutter and you find yourselves really guilty of keeping a lot of these items then you should do a proper deep clean and go all out.

Toss everything that you really won’t need in the next year or something that you haven’t used in the past year. Clear your living space, and live clearer so the junk accumulates to the point where you’re renting a dumpster or hiring a junk removal company to get rid of all the collected in your home.

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