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Tips To Make Your Kitchen Ideal For Entertaining

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Written by Shiyamala

Kitchen’s nowadays are often open planned living areas with the dining table and sofa area alongside the kitchen units, so it’s only natural that the kitchen has become the hub of the home when it comes to entertaining guests. As kitchens are no longer hidden behind a door, you may want to consider having a brand new kitchen installation to ensure your space is stylish and a unique space for hosting.

We have put together some tips and tricks for making your kitchen perfect for entertaining:

Open Plan Is The Way Forward

An open plan kitchen provides the ideal space for entertaining in your home. You can still talk to your guests as you cook amazing meals and prepare delicious drinks, without having to keep rushing back and forth for another bottle of drink or prepare the next course.

Open plan is basically the ultimate living, cooking and dining space all in one. If you don’t want to knock down any walls but still want a communal space you can always add a breakfast bar which makes for the perfect space for hosting drinks or a small dinner.

If your kitchen has enough space an island or two will let you host in style, with one island for preparing food and the other can act as a bar. This keeps the traffic flowing outside the preparation area without isolating you from your guests. Make sure there is enough space for your guests to mingle in between.

Another way of doing this is by adding floor to ceiling glass leading directly into your outdoor space is ideal for parties and you can instantly create a fluid outdoor and indoor space for you and your guests. You could also add in a pantry to your kitchen to hide away any clutter that you may want to deal with after the gathering.

Reduce Noise

The only problem with an open plan kitchen is that noise will travel very easily. Appliances can also make a lot of noise in open plan spaces, so it is wise to choose quieter appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines which are designed to reduce sound.

Choose Standout Seating

Whether you opt for a striking dining table with matching chairs for your dining space or if you prefer casual bar stools, this works too. Sink into a glass of wine for a good chat with your guest at the end of the night.

Comfort with your kitchen is also a priority when you’re hosting guests. Make sure you have enough seating for everyone, so your guests can sit down when they choose and also get  together for a catch up if they prefer.

On Trend Appliances

Many people like to show off a new appliance and there are certainly some on the market with the wow factor. Some appliances simply look good and offer  strong design statements. For example Smeg fridges can suit all different styles of kitchen and never go out of date.

Alternatively, impress your guests with technology – the ‘Smart Kitchen’ trend is set to continue to grow with the internet and artificial intelligence connecting to appliances.

A waste disposal unit in your sink will allow you to dispose of food waste quickly and easily in front of your guest. There’ll be no need to put them off their dinner by scraping the waste scapes into a food caddy or your kitchen bin.

Luxury Surfaces

A new kitchen work surface will instantly add some glamour to your kitchen, ideal for entertaining. There are so many luxurious looking finishes available. You can choose from coloured or glittery surfaces, to look sophisticated black and white or even traditional marble.

Finally, if you love to entertain, designing your kitchen as a sociable space is a must allowing you to be a part of the action with your guests and creating party memories that your guests won’t forget. A well-planned kitchen design for entertaining will help you to become the perfect host.

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